Thanos gave the MCU’s Infinity Saga name in a darker (and more subtle) way

You might use the MCU Infinity Saga, but Thanos personally sees his quest in the comics as Infinity Crusades, a more appropriate title.

first part of Marvel Cinematic Universe was titled Infiniti Saga For some time now, it has been aptly named as the overarching story revolving around offering the Infinity Stones of Continuity just for Thanos To pass it on and use it to carry out a cosmic genocide. In the comics, Mad Titan gave his research a different title, one more appropriate for his beliefs: the Infinity Crusade.

While Thanos’ motivation in the movies was based on what he believed to be universal redemption, his motivation in the comics was different. Thanos worships death more than anything else. The exact nature of this cult is something Thanos fans do not agree on, but the general consensus is that everything Thanos does is in the name of death. She brought him back from the dead to carry out her will, after all.

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This act initiated what Thanos personally sees as his endless crusade (not to be confused with Infiniti Crusader story), referenced in 2016 Thanos #14 by Donnie Keats and Jeff Shaw. It was a campaign full of death and chaos in pursuit of artifacts that would allow him to correct what death told him was wrong with the universe. According to her, there are more things alive than ever before, and in order to satisfy death, Thanos devoted himself to it, continuing to balance the scales. Although the lost souls are eventually brought back and Mad Titan defeated, his mark was left on the Marvel Universe and is still felt to this day. As a matter of fact, Thanos’ crusade is the reason for the birth of the symbiote Carnage.

Thanos recounts his past victories

Thanos’ research in the comics can also be referred to as the Infinity Saga, but the saga refers to a series of significant events over a long period of time, while the crusade has much more weight. This research can be compared to the real-life Crusades of the eleventh century. These brutal and bloody battles were fought in the name of religion and helped shape history as it is known today. Thanos’ devotion to death can be seen as religious in itself, and its consequences can be felt throughout the universe.

The MCU may call Thanosa story Infiniti Sagabut the comics made him refer to it as the Infinity Crusade, a title more appropriate to refer to what was really a dark story about evil.

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