The next character from Guilty Gear Strive is the fan favorite Bridget

Arc System Works just announced that the first character to be part of the downloadable content for season two of Guilty Gear Strive will be none other than Bridget, the yo-yo bounty hunter.

A fan favorite thanks to the ease of use and getting a decent range with this yo-yo, Bridget He also comes armed with Roger, an intelligent teddy bear possessed by a ghost. Bridget first appeared in Guilty Gear XX and now appears again in Guilty Gear Strive.

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Bridget may also bring another LGBTQ+ character to Guilty Gear Strive. Born as a male in a village in England, Bridget was raised as a female due to a village superstition that same-sex twins were unlucky. The villagers were going to ask Bridget’s family to kill Bridget or exile him, so instead, they saved Bridget by raising him to be their daughter.

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Growing up in high society, Bridget later became a bounty hunter to support his parents. However, even after leaving the village, Bridget continued to present herself as a female.

It may be more than just presentation. According to Guilty Gear creator Taisuke Ishiwatari in an interview with Famitsu last year, Bridget is now on a journey of self-discovery on Guilty Gear Strive.

Bridget is still a bounty hunter. It is to explain. “However, unlike the beginning, the goal is simply to make a living. He has become a well-known bounty hunter and has made a huge contribution to his parents and the village he was born and raised in. Bridget is now trying to understand her true self.”

Switching between pronouns in the last sentence can foreshadow Bridget’s appearance as a trans in Strive.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Guilty Gear Strive has revealed a false character’s identity. Testament, previously described as being mentioned in other Guilty Gear games, was billed as a non-duo in Strive when it was reintroduced as a DLC in March.

We’ll see what Bridget has to say when she arrives on August 9th.

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