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For a series meant to be a dark fantasy, The devil It could well qualify as a comedy show as well. One of the ways in which the Netflix version has improved upon the incarnation of DC Comics is his fondness for comedy, in which Lucifer and the characters around him frequently get into funny situations. After being rescued by Netflix from canceling FOX and ending the series, The devil It had plenty of humorous moments for fans to enjoy. Some of these scenes are more memorable than others, with the likes of Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Daniel, and even God himself all sharing scenes that still have replay value thanks to the comedy on offer.

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Updated Aug 10, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: If there’s one thing Lucifer fans can count on, it’s that the series will make them laugh as much as it makes them cry. While the series deals with serious topics, like Lucifer’s work through his abandonment issues or even the possible end of the world, there’s always a line or scene that will make fans smile or totally laugh. Much of the humor in this series comes from misunderstandings between the characters or the fish out of water element of angels on land. Some of Lucifer’s best scenes are the funniest.

Girls’ Night Sequence

For fans watching the later seasons of the show, it’s hard to imagine a time when Maze, Linda, Ella, and Chloe weren’t best friends. However, their first “girls night” is long before the four of them even get close. While the night consists of several different scenes throughout the episode, the entire sequence is full of fun.

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The women not only drink a lot, but also have a lot of fun singing karaoke, and then they get to fight a huge fight in the pub. There is a lot of imitation of Lucifer, and Chloe agrees to an oath of blood with Maze. It’s definitely a prelude to how much fun they will have together in the future of the show.

Ella’s Journey to Murder Entertainment in Stabbytown

Ella is known for her enthusiasm for discovering and distributing new information at crime scenes. Sometimes, when she and Lucifer are rolling in to recreate a crime, they can be over-excited, which is exactly what happens in Season 2 when Lucifer finds that Ella is using it to explain what happened at the Blade Azrael murder scene. While Ella details exactly what happened to Chloe, she and Lucifer end up in many lewd situations, quite innocently of course. It’s not Ella’s intention, but it is clear to both the audience and Chloe when Ella and Lucifer end up relinquishing positions during the reenactment.

Chloe, Linda, and Dan break into Lucifer’s safe

When Chloe and Linda talk at Lucifer’s penthouse while he’s out, they both become obsessed with what he hides in his safe. The two decided, after several drinks, to try to open it. What starts out as a fun discussion ends up being something neither of them can let go of, and their attempts to reach the safe become even more bizarre. However, what takes the cake in the sequence is when Dan gets into the action and happens to be carrying an exercise with him to help them out.

Dan’s discovery of his case is a great preparation

The audience alternately laughs at Dan and feels bad for him. His misfortune is that he’s often the butt of Lucifer jokes, and apparently Dan. However, one of Lucifer’s biggest “jokes” is a huge prank that involves making a case for Dan that gets out of hand. Lucifer has everyone involved in the case in his pocket, culminating in a massive meeting of all parties in which Dan believes he killed Maze. On the one hand, it is terrible to do to a friend. On the other hand, Dan turns out to be the mind-bending, adrenaline-fueled excursion he needs to get back into the proper headspace for his work. It all goes back to Dan after he shot Lucifer when he first found out that Lucifer was the devil.

Trixie denies eating chocolate cake

In a show filled with hilarious scenes among the adult cast members, it can be difficult for the kids on the show to partake in equally funny moments. While a lot of Trixie’s scenes with Maze are fun, the funniest is actually with Chloe.

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Trixie has a known weakness for chocolate cake. She will dig into it before dinner and hide it in her room. At one point, Chloe interrogates her about the chocolate cake she apparently took some of, in an attempt to get Trixie to admit that she was the one who ate it. Trixie, with a perfectly straight face and innocent tone, confirms that she didn’t. Along the way, a chocolate cake covers her entire face.

Meet Lucifer Lee Garner

Lee Garner’s appearance The devilThe season’s first performances are familiar, with Lucifer Garner humiliating each time. While they first met on the second season premiere, their official meeting was in the first episode of season three where Lucifer took Lee’s clothes and let him roam the desert in his underwear. Of course, the funniest part of this scene is about Lucifer giving Lee his famous nickname “Mr. Said-Out-B****,” after he misinterpreted Lee’s threat as his name. Lucifer’s utter lack of fear of Lee brandishing a gun at him was already funny, but the next shot of him dressing Lee leaves funny explanations of how he got it.

Chloe’s awful flirtation with Lucifer

Chloe realized her feelings for Lucifer by season two, at which point she decided to try to move on him. Unfortunately, Lucifer was reeling from knowing she was created for him and was far away, which made Chloe’s courtship one-sided. On top of that, Chloe’s complete lack of experience in this field leads to her coming in very aggressive and deceiving Lucifer about what’s wrong with her. This included Chloe hitting Lucifer in the ass for no reason, laughing hysterically when not joking, and making suggestive comments that don’t even make sense with context.

Everyone finds out that Dan is a cop

When Dan stops trying to get rid of Lucifer and agrees to have him there to stay, he asks Lucifer and Amenadiel to accompany him on a case asking them to take cover. However, none of the characters was convinced that Dan could fool anyone, claiming that he looked like nothing but a cop. This turned to comical lengths when Dan was called to be a cop right in the face, only to be tried to argue that he didn’t look like him. The cherry on top of the scene came when the person they were trying to deceive also revealed that he immediately found out that Dan was a cop.

Dan meets God for the first time

Daniel didn’t realize that when he called Charlotte in season 2, he was actually with the goddess of all creatures living in Charlotte’s body. This came back to bite in season 5 when God knew Dan’s relationship with the goddess.

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After realizing that he was talking to God, Dan became a complete mess, apologizing for everything he had ever done, even hugging God just to be on his good side. Funny enough, this did nothing more than annoy God, terrifying Dan as he walked out of there worried for his life.

Dan using Amenadiel as an Uber

Amenadiel was the only person Dan could always rely on, even though he used Amenadiel’s powers as an angel in ways that weren’t intended. When Dan is left stuck in the middle of nowhere, he calls Amenadiel to ask for a ride home. Not amused by this, Amenadiel told Dunn he wasn’t supposed to be an Uber but agreed to take him. The funny part arrived when Dan was taken into Amenadiel’s arms, as the two looked like a father holding his newborn child. Not to mention Dan’s claim that he would likely pass out and vomit at the same time as he was flying.

Linda annoys Lucifer with existential questions

Lucifer needs therapy which is something different from the comic book version of Lucifer, which turns this TV series into a source of comedy as well. After Dr. Linda learns that Lucifer was indeed the Devil, the tables turn their relationship and she becomes something of Lucifer’s patient for a while. Realization dawned on Linda when she faintly admitted that she was connected to the actual demon, after which she began to ask Lucifer existential questions such as the meaning of heaven and hell. The characters co-create this comical sequence, in which Linda’s outrageous questions are greeted with joy by Lucifer’s boredom with them.

Lucifer and Kane act like a couple

The title character has definitely changed from what he was in the first episode of The devil, but he still derives humor from making fun of others. On this occasion, he and Cain are asked to mate and sneak into a neighborhood to find a drug dealer, with the two doing the act of being a married couple. Since they were competing for Chloe’s affection, Lucifer decided to return to Cain by investing himself entirely in the character. This saw him pretend to have a dramatic affair with Cain and engage in public displays of affection with the express intention of messing with his rival. All things considered, though, it made for a cute looking couple

Amenadiel wears a terrible disguise

For the most part, it’s something of a kind The devil A plot hole regarding angels who do not know about human habits even though there are many around them. Regardless, when Amenadiel was new to Earth, he was so naive that he made a fool of himself. Having lost his contract, he dons the worst mask possible to report the robbery, meeting Chloe and showing her a scheme he drew for the thief but can’t help but make a bad impression on Jack-o’-lantern. When Chloe sarcastically pointed out this, Amenadiel even asked her where he could find “Mr. O’-lantern.”

Amenadiel has no idea about Emojis

After the gods left Earth at the end of Season 2, Amenadiel came to Lucifer asking for her. Lucifer claimed he had already told Amenadiel and pointed to the emoji-filled text he sent him. However, the message was the same everywhere, with nothing to be distinguished from it. However, Lucifer came up with an exaggerated explanation that was hard to argue against. Even more hilarious was Amenadiel’s bewildered reaction, looking like a confused puppy the whole time. Perhaps the funny part about the whole thing was Amenadiel’s responses to Lucifer, which showed how detached he is from contemporary means of communication.

Lucifer and his group’s horrific attempts to stall

At the end of season five, Lucifer arrives to confront Michael and his supporting angels. With Maze out to collect demons, Lucifer’s group needed a distraction and they came up with the most terrible things imaginable. This included frank dancing in front of Michael’s followers, which stunned Michael himself. What’s funny, though, is how weirdly Amenadiel, Lucifer, Chloe, and Zadkiel are in sync even though their dancing skills were pretty awful. It was a hilarious way for the show to break the tension in such an intense moment, especially since it was so realistic the way the attempt broke and burned.

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