Add a complete set of PDF files to your portable Windows software toolkit with these apps

Certainly, this high-powered premium PDF suite is great. The ability to create, edit, publish, and then view a document is a very useful tool. But not all of them are free, and almost none of them can be transferred.

But why do something less when you can create a free and portable PDF collection instead? Download these apps, put them on a flash drive, and never leave your PDF files in the dark again.

1. STDU Viewer – View PDF files

The first is STDU Viewer, a basic app that allows you to at least open and view most PDF files you’ll come across.

STDU Viewer also supports additional formats used for scientific and technical documents and comes with a powerful toolkit that enables basic search and rotation functions.

This is a great first step in building your own PDF collection.

Download: STDU Viewer (free)

2. Tomahawk PDF + – Edit PDF files

Tomahawk PDF+ is next, and this is the solution for editing the body text in a PDF document.

It’s a full-featured word processor other than that, interacting with most text formats you can think of, including HTML links.

It can also import PDF files, allowing you to edit or export the raw text. While it probably won’t replace your favorite text editor, you want your basics to be reliable, and that’s exactly what Tomahawk PDF+ is.

Download: Tomahawk PDF + (free)

3. GSView – Convert PDF files

This is more than just a specialized program, and the other apps on this list can basically convert PDF files.

GSView is actually a GUI for a separate script. This means that the download actually includes a lot of scripts that are run through a fairly basic program for your convenience. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out what exactly a GUI is.

Simply put, GSView will cover the exact extraction of pages within your PDF files, as well as their conversion using print scripts.

Download: GSView (free)

4. i2PDF – to capture images as PDF

One of the most useful functions of any PDF software, capturing images and converting them to PDF files is an indispensable tool. It’s very rare to find a tool that lets you do this for free, let alone play directly from USB.

Enter i2PDF. Although it’s not the most powerful image to PDF converter, having it in your software suite will bring you one step closer to a complete PDF suite.

Download: i2PDF (free)

5. UnityPDF – to process PDF files

For something more capable of handling raw PDF files. UnityPDF allows you to organize documents and text across a PDF file before processing it into a more standardized format.

It has a wide range of tools that allow you to merge, split, split and reposition the PDF file that you have compiled with the previous tools so far.

Download: UnityPDF (free)

6. Scribus Portable – to publish PDF files

Last up is the portable version of Scribus. The functionality is similar to Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, it supports a lot of features that will help you put your PDF file together for the final touches.

Scribus supports most of the exporting features by far but comes at the cost of being the biggest app on this list.

If you don’t have much space on your USB on the go, you can make it without Scribus. However, it is included here as the best way to get your bulk PDF file to a professional level.

Download: Portable Scribus (free)

A portable PDF suite as powerful as the rest

With at least some of the above apps in place, your software toolkit will be better able to handle tasks on the go. With the complete suite, you’ve somewhat built a complete PDF suite capable of professional-grade PDF editing.

Portable applications may not be a complete replacement for their installed equivalent, but they should always have a place on the USB of any professional user.

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