Batman was way more dangerous vampire than Dracula

The Batman Often referred to as the creature of the night, a title shared with Vampire Dracula Despite the two, the Dark Knight has shown himself as a more dangerous vampire. Batman became a true creature of the night that seemed like everything he could need to fight crime forever, but the bloodshed eventually became a much bigger problem than any criminal.

In the 1990s, Doug Munch and Kelly Jones considered what would happen if Batman, quite literally, lost his humanity in a series of graphic novels known as Batman and Dracula triple. Triple included Batman and Dracula (1991), Batman: Blood Storm (1994) and Batman: Crimson Mist (1999). They were some of the first books that debuted in The other world Brand comedy and doing so well at the time, they also gave us a terrifying look at what would happen if Bruce stopped pretending to be a monster and actually became one.

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In order to defeat Count Dracula, who recently came to Gotham to feed him, Batman is infected with a vampire by Tanya, a vampire who hunts Dracula. Because of this infection, Batman gains a whole host of new abilities, such as highly enhanced strength and speed, as well as the ability to sprout an actual bat that he uses to fly all over Gotham. Unfortunately, this also comes with a strong desire for blood. Batman is able to resist this for the longest time due to a serum that Tania makes works as a type of artificial blood. Using his newfound powers along with Tanya’s help, Batman is able to hunt down and kill Dracula, placing him on a destroyed telephone pole after a long fight. Once the battle is over, Batman returns to Gotham City, using his newfound powers to hunt down criminals at night. But it turns out that Batman will become a more dangerous vampire than Dracula.

After being infected and trying to control the bloodshed, Batman eventually surrenders and kills the Joker, draining all of his blood. This won’t be the last person Batman kills after succumbing to bloodshed. He goes on to massacre every villain he encounters, putting their severed heads out of prison as a warning to the remaining criminals, a trait he may have picked up from Dracula, who was also known as Vlad the Impaler. Batman goes even further in “Red Rain: Blood Lust” A story written by Kelly Jones and Peter Johnson set in the world of a trilogy. With his hunger for blood in full control, he ends up killing a mother and father right in front of their son. This alone shows how much of humanity Bruce lost to subject another person to the trauma he faced as a child. Bruce’s darkness does not end there, as in other universes in which Bruce has been injured, he is always the most dangerous vampire, much more than Dracula who simply wants to be fed and mostly left alone.

in Flash forward #3 Written by Scott Lobdel with artwork by Brett Booth, readers see another version of the vampire Batman, one that ends up infecting all members of the Justice League to create the Blood League. These bloodthirsty superheroes are now waging war across the universe, trying to devour everything. For an awful vampire Dracula He might have been, except that he was only a threat on Earth, when Batman Becoming a vampire, he became a threat to the entire universe.

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