Haley Dunphy and 8 other TV personalities surprised us with their arc

When it comes to some of our favorite TV shows, the best characters always have a progressive and satisfying arc to their story. They change, for better or for worse, and end up in a completely different place than when the audience first met them. Sometimes it’s easy to predict what journey a character will take, and on other occasions, it’s not entirely clear. There are also times when they end up going down a path and becoming something no one expected.

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There are so many characters in a host of different TV series whose arcs have surprised us in both good and bad ways. The original hero may now be the villain, or the one the audience couldn’t stand up to at first is their favorite now. What all of these arcs have in common is that they don’t follow a conventional path, and they surprise and delight viewers.

Warning: major spoilers ahead.

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Haley Dunphy (“Modern Family”)

When audiences first meet Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland) in the first season of the sitcom hit modern familyShe is a spoiled, pompous, rebellious, and exemplary teenage girl. However, throughout the show’s eleven seasons, she matures into a thoughtful and responsible young woman, and still maintains her passion.

Hailey ends the show as a young mother who has twins, a personal decision that was controversial with some viewers who felt it bounced her into her ways from season one. This seems like an unfair assessment, as Haley’s taking charge of parenthood shows how old she is and has left her petty and selfish personality in the past.

Steve Harrington (“Stranger Things”)

Nobody expected it when we were first introduced to Steve Harrington (Joe Kerry), Nancy (Natalia Dyer) her famous self-centered boyfriend in the first season of Weird thingsAfter four seasons, he is arguably going to be the show’s most beloved character.

Steve goes through an arc that he initially sees from a more hostile situation – he has terrible friends, he bullies weak people like Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and takes Nancy for granted. By separating Steve from Nancy and having him develop relationships with the younger characters, he had the opportunity to bring up his concerns, become a better person and do the right thing, leading to his salvation.

Ryan Howard (The Office)

when ryan (BJ NovakIt reaches its first day as a temperature in the first season of the deskIt is easy to think that he will be the most normal character in the series among all the other crazy characters. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Ryan looks like an ordinary guy until he is promoted to work in Dunder Mifflin’s New York office as Vice President of Sales.

Ryan then becomes an obnoxious and cocky businessman who has no time for his former co-workers, takes drugs, commits fraud, and puts himself in jail. Mikhail (Steve Carell) ends up finding him as a bowling alley employee with bleached blonde hair and bringing him back to the company, but the character never makes up for his incredible fall from grace.

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Eve Polastry (‘Killing Eve’)

Villanelli (Jodi ComerHe is an obvious psychopath and an opponent Kill Evebut as the series progresses, once innocent and upright Eve (Sandra OhNot much different from the killer you’re obsessed with. What happens is a wonderful reversal of the role as M15 analyst Eve follows Villanelle around the world in what begins as a chase, but develops into something more.

As Eve’s obsession with the killer grows, she becomes insensitive, slowly losing her empathy and humanity, which ends her one day stable marriage. In the final season as Eve pursues The Twelve, the organization for which Villanelle works, she is also involved in the violence and massacres she once condemned, and the show ultimately ends up far from the person she was before.

Killian Jones (“Once Upon a Time”)

captain hook (Colin O’Donogh), better known as Killian Jones, is the one-handed evil fantasy villain we all know Peter Pan When we first introduced him to the one day. What we never expected is the transformation his character would undergo, as he becomes the protagonist’s darling and one of the most heroic characters on the show.

Through his unexpected alliance with Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), which eventually turns into a love story, Hawk is able to turn to the light and leave his hacking methods behind. His charming, honest, playful and honorable character is able to shine thanks to his exposure to goodness through Emma, ​​as the series manages to change the story of one of literature’s most famous antagonists.

Daenerys Targaryen (‘Game of Thrones’)

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia ClarkeIt instantly became a fan favorite when Game of thrones The Mother of Dragons premiered in 2011. The Mother of Dragons was a fierce, kind and powerful beacon of hope in the brutal land of Westeros, ruled by the men who once tried to control it.

We knew there was deep anger within the Daenerys, and within the Targaryen family that descends from The Mad King, but the decision to turn her into a mad, murderous ruler was one that divided the masses unlike anything else. This once beloved character fell from grace after destroying King’s Landing, killing anyone who stood in her way. It was a shock for fans to see their hero take such a dark turn, even if it was previously hinted at.

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Howard Hamlin (‘Better Call Saul’)

Just like Jimmy McGill did (Bob Odenkirk), viewers initially saw Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) As an annoying and healthy golden boy at the beginning The best of Saul on demand. With his confident evasiveness, intense tan, bleached hair and loyalty to Jimmy Murder’s brother Chuck (Michael McCain), he was definitely not a character to love.

And as the show progresses, we see that Howard is a really good person with no ill intentions, even if he’s a little conceited. When Jimmy and Kim (Rhea SeehornHe did a number of really hard pranks on him in the last season, it’s really hard to watch, and he’s earning a lot of sympathy. He becomes a character that viewers eventually sympathize with instead of Jimmy and Kim, making his shocking passing all the more tragic.

Amy Farrah Fowler (‘The Big Bang Theory’)

When Sheldon Cooper (Jim ParsonsFirst set with Amy Farrah FowlerMayim Bialik) at the end of the third season of The Big Bang Theory, is basically his female counterpart. Robotic in delivery, devoid of any real emotion, and uncomfortably awkward, she’s a tough guy for both viewers and the rest of the characters to warm up to.

However, in a more extreme and fast-paced version of Sheldon’s evolution, Amy loosens up and becomes more human and more relatable. She eventually becomes someone who craves affection and has a lot of love to give, which is tested by her relationship with the always stubborn Sheldon. Sure, she still has her quirks but she’s a completely new and improved woman by the end of the series.

Nathan Shelley (“Ted Lasso”)

Nobody can shock fans more than Nate (Nick Muhammad) From Ted Lasso, which took a dark turn at the end of the show’s second season. when ted (Jason Sudeikis) First he meets Nate, he is a shy and confused guy at AFC Richmond. Ted sees potential in Nate, calls him “The Great Nate” and helps him build more confidence.

Nate begins to defend himself, which earns him the role of assistant coach in Richmond. Then he begins to yearn for power and wants to be “the boss.” As a result, he resents Ted, and in a less-than-low move, Ted’s panic attack seeps into the press. On top of that, Nate’s blemish as coach to West Ham United, the rival team owned by Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham(appalled ex-husband Robert)Anthony Head). The once-lovable underdog ends the season as the show’s most hated character.

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