Hallmark Exec hints at return of ‘The Good Witch’

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At the Crown Media Committee of the Television Critics Association (TCA) on August 10, Hallmark made plenty of announcements about the network’s future plans. But perhaps most interesting was the brief statement about “Good Witch” that is likely to make a comeback in some form.

Hallmark is interested in bringing the Good Witch back in some form

Wonia Lucas, President and CEO of Hallmark Media, shared a tantalizing hint about the return of “Good Witch,” I mentioned miscellaneous.

Variety reported that Lucas said, “With regard to ‘The Good Witch,’ which I think we’ve always been interested in thinking about what we can do with our most popular IPs. I can’t say anything specific about that.”

So while there seem to be no concrete plans in place, Hallmark certainly didn’t finish the “Good Witch” franchise, as some fans feared. The franchise still has a future on the net.

Hallmark viewers were delighted to hear the positive words about “Good Witch.”

Hallmark announces the series will be canceled in 2021

In early July. In 2021, Hallmark surprised fans by announcing the show’s cancellation while it was airing.

In a joint press release with Heavi, Hallmark thanked the cast for the past seven seasons and eight films.

Randy Pope, Senior Vice President of Programming and Development, said in a statement:

“Good Witch” has captivated viewers for more than a decade with eight original films, as well as the series’ seven seasons. We thank our customers whose chemistry and talent made “Good Witch” a lovable and unique viewing experience: Kathryn Bell, who brought the unique Cassie Nightingale to life for 13 years, and James Denton, whose Dr. Sam Radford added so much magic and humor to the series. We also express our gratitude and thanks to all the cast and crew for their dedication and hard work.

The show saw a slight drop in ratings this season compared to season six, but Hallmark didn’t provide a reason for the cancellation at the time.

In September 2021, Heavy contacted Hallmark and obtained confirmation that the network might not be working with Good Witch.

At the time, a network representative told Heavy the following:

We have no immediate plans for another “Good Witch” movie. However, Catherine Bell, James Denton, and Catherine Barrell, among others, are members of the Hallmark Channel family, and we are in discussions about future projects.

Now it looks like the discussions may be a little more concrete than they were a year ago, based on what was shared at the TCA.

around the same time, NextTV asked Bill AbbottCEO of GAC Media, if the GAC could have a “Good Witch”.

He said, “This was definitely a great series and James Denton and Catherine Bell were great in it. We would definitely like to enjoy that, but we haven’t gotten to that point yet. If there’s any good family-friendly content out there, we’re definitely open for business.”

Abbott noted that he also wasn’t sure who currently owns the rights to “Good Witch”.

It now appears, based on the TCA, that Hallmark still owns the rights to the “Good Witch” IP and plans to use it again in the future.

During the TCA panel, Crown Media also announced that it was changing its name to Hallmark Media, Deadline reported.

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