One model Loki proves that the god of mischief belongs to the avengers

Marvel’s Loki has long been one of the most popular Avenger villains. However, his latest disguise makes the Avengers like him.

While loki He was often an enemy of AvengersMarvel Meow Infinity Comic #7 It appears that he blends in perfectly with the team. Instead of being a traditional antagonist, he’s now a lovable troublemaker. After all, who could despise him if he behaves like an ordinary cat?

The iconic Marvel heroes have some history of pet ownership and Marvel Miu Infinity Comic It provides the famous pets of the comic universe with a chance to shine a light on them with a little serious conflict surrounding them. Nao Fuji started meow marvel A manga chronicling the adventures of Captain Marvel’s cat Choi. Now, Marvel is publishing a series that continues to give fans weird cat behaviors. The comic also provides Loki the perfect disguise.

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Marvel Miu Infinity Comic #7 He has a creative team of Nao Fuji, Annie Cheng, Tim Smith 3, Caitlin O’Connell and CB Cebulski. Within this problem, Loki realizes that he is able to hide among the cats that the Marvel heroes are watching. He is allowed to participate in one of his favorite activities: mischief. However, he is the best kind because instead of being captured or beaten by Thor and his allies, Loki is adored by the Avengers in cat form.

Although Loki has various animal forms, such as the Alligator Loki, this iteration, referred to as Cat Loki in series summaries, was simply converted into Loki. The shapeshifter has found the perfect camouflage to match Earth’s greatest heroes. In the first issue that showed his transformation, he joked about multiple Avengers possessions while Captain Marvel tried to find theirs. In the end, he gets tired of the game and really helps her, which makes her give him a treat and a thank you, proving that Loki can actually be appreciated in that form.

Despite having a pair of his signature horns on his head, none of the Avengers, or their young ones, seem to recognize him. If they did, they definitely wouldn’t invite him because of his recent antics. So far only Ogeode the Catbeast, Iric Bronson, and Alvi Bronson seem to recognize him in his cat form. In this form he is able to torture his fellow animals, is around Avengers without getting in much trouble, and is generally able to move on with his new life lovable and affectionate when he is usually avoided. Like Cat Loki, the god of mischief truly has a place among Avengers Although one of their long-term opponents, but soon loki He’s back to being himself and this is likely to end.

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Marvel Miu Infinity Comic #7 Available now from Marvel Comics!

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