Pregnancy Worship Tips: 5 Things Beginners Should Know Before Playing

Pregnancy worship It is a surprisingly deep roguelike/management simulation game whose multi-layered design can leave some players scratching their heads, especially when it comes to “improving” gameplay. Fortunately, you have now beaten the game and from my mistakes I have put together five tips that beginners should know before playing Cult of the Lamb on PC, PS5, PS4 or Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

1: Don’t miss the daily sermons

Daily sermons are the main way to raise the level of the personality of the little lamb. As you perform the sermons, more powerful weapons and curses will be available to you.

Once a new day begins, prioritize getting a sermon before doing anything else!

2: deal with illness quickly

The disease can destroy an entire cult if left untreated. The game often alerts you to any disease in the camp and it is important that you head there as soon as possible to fix it.

First, tell any sick cultist to go straight to bed. They should stay there until they fully recover. Next, clean any patient or tube to make sure others don’t get sick.

3: Invest in timber and stone mines early

Passively acquiring useful resources such as wood and stone is huge for building new buildings and performing regular rituals.

Spending those early divine inspirations on timber and stone mines would go a long way.

4: Get the extra life

When you get a chance to unlock the Crown Ressurection show, prioritize it over anything else. This effectively gives players extra lives.

While, yes, you would have to sacrifice someone in order to revive yourself, it is very easy to replace sect members who were killed.

This feature is necessary for the end game with unlimited levels.

5: Don’t stress!

Although it may seem intense at times when disease and death hit your camp hard, Cult of the Lamb is a relatively quiet game and it is always possible to rebuild the cult and populate it with new members.

In other news, the Xbox Gamescom 2022 live lineup has been announced and will include Obsidian’s Pentiment. Spider-Man Remastered for PC is “the most speculative version of the Web-Slinger.” Check out the GameRevolution review of Cult of the Lamb to learn how Animal Crossing turned evil.

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