Splatoon Show 3: How to Play the World Premiere of the Splatfest Contest

Those who want to try Splatoon 3 Before it gets released on September 9, we’ll be lucky that Nintendo has announced a Splatfest World Premiere show. The demo introduces players to the revamped Splatfest events in the new game with new rules to accommodate three teams instead of two. Here’s our guide on how to play the upcoming demo from Splatfest World Premiere.

How to download and play Splatoon 3 demo

Splatoon 3 Splatfest Demo

The demo for the world premiere Splatoon 3 Splatfest is available for pre-order now from nintendo store website. This allows players to preload the demo in time to go live on August 25, when a tutorial will be available to make players familiar with the basic rules of the mode. Players will also be able to take a look at Splatsville where they can test out any of the 26 experimental weapons at the test range, as well as support their team by sharing messages and art in the town square.

The main event begins on August 27 when the Splatfest battles begin. Players choose between three teams – rock, paper or scissors – before jumping into the ring to earn points for their team. Between 9am and 3pm PT, players will be able to take part in familiar Splatfest matches where two teams have engaged in basic turf wars. The new Splatfest Tricolor Turf War Battles 4v2v2 takes over between 3 PM and 9 PM PT.

Splatfest Tricolor Turf War battles take on a slightly different format than the regular Turf War game. Four players from the first-place team will start in the middle of the stage. Two players from each of the other teams will attack them from different sides of the stage in a three-way Turf War battle.

Splatfest matches require a Nintendo Switch Online account to be shared, but those without one will get a 7-day free trial for the service, which begins August 25. He will not miss them because they will be able to activate the trial version again for this demo.

For more Splatoon 3 content, check out the game’s page where you can also find a guide on how to watch Splatoon 3 Enter the Splatlands Invitational 2022 tournament. There’s also a summary for Deep Cut, Splatfest commentators who replaced Pearl and Marina.

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