The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards proudly shares her Irish ancestry

“I have studied the DNA genealogy [into my family background] And I’ve always known my mom is Irish, all of her family is from Ireland. But I thought my father was Welsh and turned out to be of quite Irish ancestry, so I am an all-Irish girl, and the only Irish housewife.”

Proud of the title, Kyle admits that it might be time to enlist some of the bred and bred of Celtic blood in the hugely successful reality series and believes former Beverly Hills resident Claudine Keane would make the perfect addition.

The mother of two – who lived in Los Angeles while soccer player Robbie Keane’s husband played for the US LA Galaxy team – is close friends with Richards’ Housewives star Dorit Kemsley. Former eagle-eyed fans have spotted the distinguished Irish couple mingling with housewives during Kemsley’s blistering spells, which are featured on the show.

“The producers like it to be true friendship, so Claudine would be a great housewife. She’s close with Dorit, she definitely has a lifestyle and she’s definitely beautiful,” Kyle believes.

Although the Keanes returned to their native Dublin last year, the reality TV queen says she will lure the couple back to Hollywood with the lucrative offer when she finally visits Irish beaches.

By the way, Cale was about to travel to Ireland withThe Real Housewives of Beverly HillsIn 2016. The trip was intended to appear on the show as the girls’ annual trip abroad, but a last-minute scheduling meant she and her castmates had to pull out, allowing for The Real Housewives of Orange County Seize the holiday instead, with luxury stays at the Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry and raucous nights at Temple Bar.

“This was supposed to be our trip,” she exclaimed. “I’m Irish, I wanted to trace my roots and something changed and we couldn’t go but the production had already cleared up all these different places in Dublin and Wicklow for us to shoot in and OC[Housewives] I ended up with my trip.”

A former child actor who starred in Little House on the Prairie and the iconic Halloween chiller, the 53-year-old has been a fan favorite since Bravo’s reality show debuted in 2010.

Part of the huge success Real Housewives Machine, which boasts a series based in New York, Orange County, Atlanta, and New Jersey to name a few, Beverly Hills became an overnight crush during its first season and has since become the highest-rated series in the franchise.

Along with his original colleagues, including attractive restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump and Camille Grammer – formerly married to freezer Star Kelsey Grammer ——Fans were addicted to the champagne lifestyle of a mother of four characterized by slick parties, lavish mansions and outrageous turmoil.

She said, “Before I started the show, the producers wanted to make a group around me, so I was introducing the people I knew.” + . magazine, during a whistle visit to London. “There were clients for my husband [real estate magnate Mauricio Umansky] Like Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammar and Adrienne Maloof who was Lisa’s neighbor.

“Camille came at the last minute and we ended up fighting a lot so I regretted proposing to her at the time. But in hindsight, our fight made great television.”

The volatile relationship between Kyle and her former co-star sister Kim played a major role on the show as well, with memorable bickering including the pair’s infamous struggle in a limousine during season one, exposing Kim’s struggle with addiction.

I brought both my sisters Kim and Kathy [mother of Paris Hilton] On the show and we all saw what happened between me and Kim. One of the worst moments for me was that fight in the limo, it just felt like it couldn’t go down.”

So how is the relationship with Kim now? “It’s good,” Cale cautiously responds. “She has two of the most beautiful grandchildren. She is wonderful.”

And her friendship with Vanderpump? Enjoying a close relationship during the early series, the couple became famous during the ninth season due to accusations of lying. Three years later, where do they stand now?

“I’ve run into her a few times but Lisa is someone who digs her heels. And I think any kind of friendship repair is over. It’s been so many years not in each other’s lives. I think I’m fine. I don’t have the energy to give to people nor take it back.”

With season 12 currently airing on streaming platform Hayu, the star was recently under fire for questioning teammate Sutton Stracke in revealing a straight miscarriage with controversial newcomer Diana Jenkins.

She also faced backlash for her defense of embattled housewife Erica Girardi’s behavior against the Garcel Povez family.

Kyle says criticism is part of the job. “I’m used to it. It really confronts when it first happens and I have a deep sympathy for the new cast members, like Diana.

“She came up with this attitude, ‘I don’t care what people think of me’ but it didn’t last long. She never does. I didn’t watch that episode with the scene between Diana and Sutton, largely because I kept making splits that night. On the dance floor at Garcel’s party where I was supervising. [on alcohol]but I know some things were said that people found offensive.

“It can be a lot to attend a show like this and get attacked on social media. We’ve all been through it. She checked into Diana and she’s so upset about it.”

Her acting career has recently enjoyed a revival thanks to an entertaining audience return to the Halloween franchise in the upcoming Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

Does this mean the end of her time for housewives? Cale bluntly responds, “I can walk away.” “Acting is my number one love, and if I had to choose, I would choose the one that causes me the least amount of anxiety, which is not the housewives. After every season, I ask myself if I still have fun, and if the good outweighs the bad, I’ll stay there.”

At least until The Housewives of Beverly Hills rescheduled that much-delayed Irish flight, + . magazine Add. “Oh yeah,” she laughs. “Or maybe I can move to Ireland and start from scratch, and it can be fresh and new again.”

Is the reality star familiar with the Irish iteration of the Housewives franchise, Dublin Wives, which has aired from 2012 for two seasons on TV3, and now Virgin Media? “I’ve already heard about it. I have some great fan clubs following me and some of them are from Ireland and I’m sure they told me that. Is it on YouTube? I really want to see it now. It will help me work on my Irish accent.”

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