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Broadcaster Joe Rogan reacts during UFC 249.

UFC star Joe Rogan was put on blast by Mixed Martial Arts judge Seth Fuller for his work on the mic at UFC 277.

Fuller worked for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation when he judged UFC 277 fights on July 20 in Dallas. MMA judges do not usually speak because they are prohibited by their state sports commission. However, Fuller defended himself in the roughly 30-minute video, admitting that he thought a lot before sharing his counter-argument.

At the event, Hamdi Abdel-Wahab’s split decision victory over Dontal Mays was surrounded by controversy. Fuller was the only judge who Scored Mayes’ match was criticized by the commentary team because of it.

“I mean, come on,” Cormier said on the broadcast. “…someone gave Don’Tale the third round, Joe.”

Rogan replied, “This guy needs to talk to him. We need to check and see what he’s betting on.” (ht MMA Junkie)

in video Titled “I Clap Back at Joe Rogan’s John Annick and Daniel Cormier,” Fuller issued a fiery response to Rogan. While Fuller was unaware of the backlash online, he soon found out after he left the scene from a text message sent by an unknown number.

“Do you even watch f*cktard fights?” Read the message. “No one in the world has distinguished but you. Sad even commentators deceive your horrible ability to do your job.”

He stated that while the preliminary judges have not worked at previous UFC events, they each have more than a decade of experience.

“I think I judged about 80 cards and several hundred combatants themselves,” Fuller said. “I’ve judged and I’m back, because I do both. Now again, is that experience enough? I don’t know in what profession a 10-year career doesn’t count as doing something. … That ‘regional’ judge Steve Armstrong, here he is at UFC 5 Cornering Guy Mezger – UFC 5. He’s been doing it since before that.

“How much experience do you need to be? The other judges, Ken Basinger, Dan Mattison, and Aaron Maynard, have been doing it too for over a decade. These are seasoned judges. To talk about it again, every time a judge scores a result they don’t like, They should insult them.”

Rogan got hit for his work during the main event

Rogan is best known for his abilities as a color commentator and interviewer. He has given his vote to the biggest events of the year, usually the biggest pay-per-view cards across the country. Having worked in the UFC for nearly two and a half decades, Rogan is bound to have some mishaps.

During the live broadcast of the UFC 277 main card, Rogan was criticized for hanging alongside second-division champion Daniel Cormier.

They were accused of siding in the head-to-head title fight between defending champion Amanda Nunes and former welterweight champion Giuliana Pena, making it seem like the fight was closer than it actually was.

Fuller holds no grudge against Rogan

Fuller explained that he was a huge fan of Rogan. The goal of shooting the video was not necessarily to get rid of Rogan, but to clear himself in front of the audience.

The commission (may go), ‘Hey, that’s why we shouldn’t put this guy in a UFC major. This is why we shouldn’t put Steve Armstrong in the UFC major. This is why we shouldn’t put these local judges on the UFC main card. “For me, that’s a bunch of BS,” Fuller said.

“For me, if I’m doing it wrong, cite me because I did it wrong. But if you pretend I’m not experienced, or I’m careless, or I didn’t think or focus or didn’t do my best at all and that I don’t care about these fighters and I don’t care if The score is the correct one according to the rules they agreed to, you’re crazy. You’re totally wrong. It’s okay.”

You can watch the full video below.

I clap again at Joe Rogan, John Annick and Daniel CormierI thought a lot before I posted this video, and I know this is going to sound like a tender skin reaction of a crying baby. But I really believe we can’t get rid of bad management without an open conversation. I’d be better off personally if you let it. Everything will explode and everyone will …2022-08-06 T22:40:13Z


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