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“Teen Mom” ​​star Tyler Balterra has taken his fitness journey one step further.

“Teen Mom OG” star Tyler Balterra is redefining what it means to have a father.

The Michigan native took his fitness journey one step further by losing 24 pounds. The MTV personality has been on a fitness journey for over two years, working on building muscle and cutting fat.

“I was officially done with this cut and I was able to lose 24 pounds while maintaining the strength I built while I was gaining!” Balterra Books via Instagram on August 11.

Balterra wrote that he weighed 203 pounds at the end of “bulk” in March, dropping to 179 pounds by August.

“I am very happy with the results,” he said. “It makes me even more excited to see how the next cut goes after I’m done bloating again!”

Balterra and his wife, Kathleen Lowell Balterra, have three children together: 7-year-old Nova, 3-year-old Faida, and 11-month-old Rhea Rose.

They put their eldest daughter, 13-year-old Carly Davis, for adoption when she was born, as documented in a 2009 episode of “16 & Pregnant.”

Baltierra will continue his bodybuilding journey

Going forward, he will be training Balterra with the main goal of improving his appearance, rather than working out to improve his strength.

“I’ve decided to shift my goals a bit and focus more on aesthetics/muscle building for this next mega session, rather than building strength (as I was doing before),” he wrote. “I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal, but I promised myself I would post more about my fitness journey, because it helps keep me accountable and I get questions about it from you all the time.”

Balterra, 30, has spoken publicly about having an ‘ectomorph’ body, which means he has a naturally tall and slender stature, with Low muscle mass and “narrow shoulders”. Although it is easier for people with an ectomorph to lose weight due to a faster metabolism, they have a hard time building muscle mass.

Baltira wrote a poem for his family

Apart from bodybuilding, another one of Balterra’s hobbies is writing. He wrote a poem to his family on August 4, saying he was very “grateful” to his wife and three daughters.

“I love my little family so much!” he wrote.

“There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t catch myself, stop dying in my tracks, just stare at all their pretty faces, while I have the biggest smile on my own, I didn’t even realize it was there, until I got to know what I was doing,” the MTV star continued.

“That’s how pure the happiness they all bring me,” he added. “It is so organically magical that it is impossible to describe in words or what it feels like.”

Lowell is set to appear in the new ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off, called ‘Next Chapter’. The show is a mix of “Teen Mom OG” and “Teen Mom 2.”

MTV is promoting “The Next Chapter” as an “oversized” version of “Teen Mom.”

It was not immediately clear if Balterra would be included in the new show alongside his wife.

The series is scheduled to begin on September 6.


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