The Lost Boys arrives in 4K UHD Blu-ray this fall

Fans of the classic 80’s movie can re-watch the movie in amazing new quality like lost children Finally to 4K Ultra HD for the first time later this fall. 4K Blu-ray will be released on September 20 at a retail price of $24.99 by Warner Home Entertainment.

The movie will be available for fans to purchase as a 4K Blu-ray bundle which will come with a 4K copy of the movie along with a digital Blu-ray copy. The combo package comes with commentary from the film’s director, The Late Joel Schumacher, in order for fans to gain more insight into the film. Blu-ray will also come with pre-released specials like “The Lost Boys: A Retrospective,” which looks at the movie and its impact.

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Other additional features included in the Blu-ray Disc combo pack include “Inside the Vampire’s Cave” and “Vamping Out: The Undead Creations of Greg Kanum“The Return of Sam and the Frog Brothers,” “Lost Scenes,” and the original movie trailer. While the remake doesn’t come with any new bonus content, many fans can be satisfied that the movie will now be available in high dynamic range for their collection.

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released in 1987, lost children It was a box office and critical success and would eventually have two sequels with the release of The Lost Boys: The Tribe In 2008 and Lost Boys: Thirst in 2010. The film continues to be one of the most popular entries for the vampire genre and has helped shape the modern image of the young vampire and inspired more future teen-focused shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. now with lost children Upgraded to 4K Ultra HD, fans can sink their teeth into the classic vampire flick like never before.

4K Ultra HD version of lost children It will be available on September 20th. Check out the original trailer and the movie’s official synopsis below:

Upon their parents’ divorce, Michael (Jason Patrick) and Sam Emerson (Corey Heim) move with their mother to their grandfather’s home in a California town called the “murder capital of the world”. Soon after his arrival, Michael becomes involved in a motorcycle gang of vampires with a charismatic leader (Kiefer Sutherland). When Sam becomes involved with the Frog Brothers (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander), who confess to being secret vampire hunters, he realizes that it is up to them to save Michael and the rest of town from the vampire gang.

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