Showdown Effect gets a free and fully licensed fan version

The classic video game The Showdown Effect is about to get a free and fully licensed fan-release version, courtesy of publisher Paradox Interactive. The game is currently scheduled for release on August 20, 2022 after a rather lengthy development process. In fact, players are not even required to have a copy of the original game.

The developers noted, “The Showdown Effect: Reloaded is a fan-created and officially licensed version of Paradox Interactive, and is the definitive version of The Showdown Effect.” “The Showdown Effect: Reloaded is a high-octane 2D fighter game, where you fight up to seven other players in action packed battles! 100 percent fan developed.”

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When it comes to features, the fan edition does not disappoint. According to the developers, “This final version includes bug fixes, balance improvements and new features and is completely free, no need to get the original title.” The team explains that “If you are interested in trying this game, you can install an early version over here. “

The Showdown Effect was released to somewhat mixed reviews in 2013, but quickly developed a strong community of players. The game remains a cult classic to this day. Set in futuristic Tokyo during the year 2027, the game has drawn heavily from exploitation films, where all the characters were one of the various protagonists in these films. The interaction between the characters consists mostly of comedic barks and one-liners.

The two studios behind the original game, Pixeldiet and Arrowhead, once described The Shadow Effect as “a 2.5D multiplayer action game in which players engage in deathmatch battles to gain glory and fame. The confrontation effect works on the principle of “more is more” and offers an infinite number of A lot of ways to customize your gameplay. Whether it’s character, stage, game mode or weapons, customize as much as you want and control how creative you are at killing your friends! Remember, the weirder it is, the better the confrontation!”

The community that has grown up around the original game over the past decade has of course been looking forward to the fan release with great anticipation. The general feeling is nostalgia, but many people hope The Showdown Effect gets a new lease on life in the future.

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