10 Supernatural Religious Horror Movies That Will Make You Sleep In The Nightlight

Religious horror films, when done well, tend to benefit from theological, philosophical, and scientific discussions and themes about God and the supernatural.

Religious horror films are not only scary, they also tap into the mysteries of the spiritual life, which is why audiences and directors alike keep coming back for more.

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“The Exorcist” (1973)

Exorcist It is one of the scariest movies ever. There aren’t many horror movies out there that can say the movie scared a person so much that they had to be submitted to a mental institution.

Exorcist It may be the only horror movie that terrified people so much that it set about reviving the Catholic Church. The movie is scary because they look like a typical family even Reagan, the daughter (Linda Blair) evil. Exorcist It can be rented on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

“Exorcist 3” (1990)

Exorcist 3 It received criticism when it was first released. The movie is different from the original Exorcist movie. He has earned more respect over the years.

Where this film shines are the themes of faith and doubt in God. It explores these topics better than the original Exorcist Movie. It’s not as scary as Exorcist But there are still some scary scenes. Exorcist 3 It can be watched for free on Pluto TV, Peacock, Tubi, Vudo, Crackle, Plex and Amazon Prime.

“Carrie” (1976)

curry It is one of the best mods in a file King Stephen a novel. A combination of Stephen King a story, Brian de Palma The unique directing style, the outstanding performance of the actors in particular sissy space And the Piper LaurieReally horrifying movie.

Margaret White’s character and her toxic debt, along with Carrie’s animating powers, created some scary scenes. The concert scene is one of the best the horror genre has to offer.

curry It can be watched for free on Tubi and Pluto TV.

“The Exorcism of Emily Rose” (2005)

The Exorcism of Emily Rose He used the old standby based on a true story to scare the crowd, and it worked. The story is loosely based on Anneliese Michaelwho underwent an exorcism by the Catholic Church and died.

The story revolves around the court case surrounding the death of Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter) and has themes about science and the supernatural. Another film that takes a different approach to Anneliese Michel’s story is the movie mass (2006). Both films are great for watching other views of the same story. The Exorcism of Emily Rose It can be watched on Epix Now, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, Sling TV, and Pluto TV with a subscription. mass It can be rented on Apple TV.

‘Witchcraft’ (2013)

Sorcery It is a movie based on the paranormal detective Lauren (Vera Farmiga) and ed (Patrick Wilson). The scary atmosphere in this movie and the good demonic possession scene make the movie scary.

He has a way of seducing you and drawing you into his world, and before you know it, you’re looking over your shoulder because you feel like you’re being watched. Sorcery It can be watched on Netflix and HBOMAX with a subscription.

“Asthenia” (2001)

fragility he have King Stephen I feel it even though it’s not based on Stephen King’s book. Whether the movie is supernatural or not is up for debate. It depends on whether the viewer thinks Abi Mix (Bill Paxton) is a mentally unstable man or if he heard God order him to kill certain people from the phone book.

The movie has a heartbreaking ending that sticks with many viewers long after the movie is over. fragility It can be watched on HBO MAX, Hulu, and Amazon Prime with a subscription.

“Children of the Corn” (1984)

children of corn Based on a short story written by King Stephen. Molding John Franklin Isaac and Courtney Jeans Because Malachi is part of the Children of the Corn’s success being an effective horror movie.

They play their roles with such sinister religious devotion that it freaks out viewers. It has a terrifying opening scene that the movie remembers the most. children of corn It can be viewed on Tubi and Plex for free.

“Omen” (1976)

omen It is one of the best scary horror movies for kids ever. The premise is a bit silly. A family adopts without the knowledge of the Antichrist. From that sinister plot, one of the best horror films of its time was made.

omen He asks if you could kill your child if that would save the world? It is a distortion of the Jesus story of a person who was born to sacrifice his life and save humanity. omen He is someone born to destroy humanity. omen Makes religious horror work and gets you into the story of a bad boy. omen It can be watched on HBO MAX and Hulu with a subscription.

“30 Queens” (2020)

30 coins Not a movie but a great show. 30 coins It is about Father Vergara (Edward Ferrandiz), an exorcist, and a former convict. He is in a remote town in Spain and must deal with the paranormal activities that happen within the city.

30 coins It has weird and supernatural horror scenes that stick with you. Children’s horror scenes are frightening, gross and terrifying. 30 coins It can be watched on HBO MAX or Hulu and YouTube with a premium subscription.

Midnight Mass (2021)

If you notice, the list primarily contains Catholic horror films. For some reason, Catholic horror movies tend to be the scariest religious horror movies ever.

Midnight Mass Not a movie but a show, and a lot of the scary comes from Paul Hill’s father figure. Hamish Linklater He does a great job playing with him. Is he an evil damned man or a well-meaning man? The show will have you guessing through it. It’s a slow burn but it has a way of getting you to the story. Midnight Mass It can be watched on Netflix.

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