Adult animated series Breaking Bear in Toby by Tom DeLong

Toby announced that he is moving forward with the adult comedy animated series bear broken. The new show hails from The Wild and Cool Whites of West Virginia boss Julian Netsberg side by side crepeshaw Cartel Entertainment product and Tom DeLong‘s To The Stars MediaCalifornia monsters). It all comes as part of a larger effort by Tubi to expand their catalog of adult animation.

While the name definitely indicates a very popular relationship Too badAnd the bear broken More described as a parody of classic gangster shows like soprano with a mixture of yogi bear for comedy effect. The series revolves around a family of three bear brothers who are forced to get involved in the criminal underworld of selling drugs in order to save their homes from the oil companies looking to crack near their cave. The bears soon recruit other jungle animals in a scheme that will pit them against the oil companies, the Russian mafia, the local Hell Angels, and polar bears who hate anything that isn’t white.

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Apart from DeLonge (Poet Anderson: Dream Walker) Many of bear brokenThe executive production team consists of crepeshaw Alumni, including Stan SpryAnd the Jeff HollandAnd the Eric Woods. Bradford Breckin (twelve forever) also produces the CEO through the cartel. Nitzberg, aside from creating the series, serves as showrunner and executive producer. While Wild and cool eggs He is Nizberg’s most popular on-screen project, he directed a number of other documentaries and shorts besides producing three episodes of MIke Judge presents: Tales from the Tour Bus. Off screen, he’s recently received acclaim for his music For the love of the glove He won praise and controversy with this year’s Music Critics Award winner brutal bombing.

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DeLonge was famous as a team captain flicker 182 Who quietly became an experienced writer and producer, and under his belt a number of short films and documentaries. His next big project, his directorial debut California monstersco-write it Ian Miller As a “adventure coming of age with a sci-fi twist” and features Richard KindAnd the Casper van denAnd the Ariane Zucker Among other things. He also produced the Best Animated Film Award at the Toronto International Short Film Festival Poet Anderson: Dream Walker.

“When Cartel offered a series of cartoon animals as gangsters, I realized it was an offer I couldn’t refuse,” Toby’s Chief Content Officer Adam Lowenson He said in a statement. “This is the perfect project to expand the offer of adult animation after its resounding success Freak brothers, has promoted the city of Tubi as a destination for humorous adults. ” Pete DavidsonAnd the John GoodmanAnd the Woody Harrelson-Drove Freak brothers leads the charge. The platform is also expanding with three exclusive animated films from Bento Box Entertainment, including PastacolipsAnd the millennium hunterAnd the Big Bro On top of her collection of old serials.

No release date bear broken.

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