Android 13 is out, now heading to Pixel phones

Android 13 is now available. If you have a Google Pixel, you can check out the update now, and it will arrive on other phones later this year.

Android 13 is out. The completely new version of Google’s operating system wasn’t expected to be released until September, but it has now been published in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and Google has confirmed that it will be pushed to Pixel devices immediately.

A lot of other devices are also set to receive the update, although you will have to wait a little longer before seeing it on those devices. One UI 5 from Samsung, which is based on Android 13, is currently undergoing beta testing and is expected to be released in October.

Android 13 Available

All Google Pixel phones from the Pixel 4 to the new Pixel 6a will receive Android 13. It may take some time to start up, but if you have one of these devices, you can now check if the update is already available by going to Settings>System>System Update>Check for Updates.

Android 13 adds some new features and is also seen as an update that brings some touches to the most important Android 12 update from last year.

Among the highlights:

  • An improved version of the Material You theme, including allowing non-Google apps to be customized to match your own color scheme.
  • Improved bedtime mode that provides dark theme and faded background.
  • New security and privacy protections that prevent apps from accessing your clipboard or being able to view all of your photos and videos.
  • A new notification permission means that you will now have to allow third-party apps to send you notifications, instead of doing so automatically.
  • Spatial audio support, which brings more immersive listening on supported headphones. There is also less latency when listening to audio over Bluetooth.
  • Improved performance on tablets and foldable devices.

Android 13 hits AOSP

In addition to the official launch, Android 13 has been pushed into the Android Open Source Project. This is open source code for the operating system and allows developers to download it and start using it. For Android fans, that means we’ll start seeing custom ROMs appear based on the new OS.

If you have a phone that hasn’t been officially updated, you may still be able to update your device through the developer community instead. Take a look at our guide on how to install a custom ROM if you want to know more.

Get ready for Android 13 on other phones

Besides releasing the update for Pixel phones, Google has confirmed that Android 13 will be available for other devices later this year. Manufacturers that will offer it include Samsung, Asus, Nokia, iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sony, vivo and Xiaomi.

Due to the improved update policies now being offered by many phone makers, Android 13 should be available to many more users than updates have been in the past.

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