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One of the most terrifying characters in Magic: The Gathering was Nicole Bolas, the most famous of the Seventy Dragons. However, since the Spark War, Paula has lost his spark and is imprisoned by his brother Eugene in the Meditation Realm. Neither of them can escape the world, as Eugène would watch Paulas until his death. Stripped of all his power and even his name, he can never be summoned again, and Nicole Bolas is no longer around. For now, that is.

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For a long time, Nicole Bolas was considered the only primary antagonist of Magic: The Gathering by many of its players. Since his defeat at War of the Spark, it’s unlikely that Bolas’ new card will be printed for some time, if that ever happens again. However, they still terrify in various forms.

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6 Nicole Boulas

Not surprisingly, the first Nicole Bolas card to be printed was the weakest of the bunch. Even if it’s Bolas’ lowest card, it still packs a punch. Nicole Boulas comes in a mana cost of two generic, two blue, two black, and two red, and he’s the only one who wasn’t quite an airplane pilot in some form. A 7/7 creature with flying, Bolas will definitely do some damage if you can get him to get him in there, especially with his extra ability that forces your opponent to get rid of his entire hand if you take a hit.

However, the biggest downside to this card is its ongoing taxes, which are one blue, one black, and one red. This makes playing the card an eternal sink of mana. You’ll already have mana, but do you really want to pay the tax at every turn just to keep it where it is?

5 Nicole Boulas, the scammer

he’s cheating They are easily the worst of the Bolas jetwalker cards. With a mana cost of five generic elements, one blue, one black, and one red, with a starting loyalty of five, The Deceiver is still an easy target for your opponent thanks to his abilities.

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Of those, his minus abilities pack a punch, considering you can use his -3 ability once he’s summoned. This allows you to destroy the target creature and draw a card, allowing you to eliminate any threat on the board while gaining the card advantage. His ultimate ability deals seven damage to the target opponent as you draw seven cards, which is a great way to either seal the deal in a game or dramatically change the tides in your favour.

The Deceiver is itself a powerful runway, but as a Nicole Boulas card, its capabilities are incomparable.

4 Nicole Boulas, Planeswalker

Nicole Paulas’ first printed Airplane Walking Card is sure to be aptly named.

This card costs four generics, one blue, two black, one red, and a loyalty starting at five, this card hits the board and makes an instant effect. With its +3 ability, you can permanently destroy an uncreated target. This means that you can target another aircraft walkway, artifact, magic, or if you wake up and choose violence, you can even target your opponent’s territory. Earth destruction is powerful and very frustrating, and this ability alone can win the game for you with consistent use.

Bolas’-2 ability allows you to control a target object. You think it’s just an act of betrayal, but pay attention to the fact that this ability isn’t until the end of the turn, making it more like a repeatable betrayal agent.

Each individual ability on this Bolas card is enough to turn the tide of the game, but if paired together, they make one wonderfully powerful card.

3 Nicole Bolas, God Pharaoh

This is when things get a little out of hand for Bolas jeteswalker cards. God Pharaoh is a force to be reckoned with. It costs four generic cards, one blue, one black, and one red, and it’s also the cheapest Bolas cards to cast (so far). He starts with 7 amazing loyalty, which basically makes him immune to spells that fire him instantly. Then there’s the fact that he has four loyalty abilities, yes that’s right four!

His +2 ability has your opponent banishing cards from his library until he bans a nonland, which you can then cast without paying the cost of Mana. This gives you a free spell to cast from your opponent’s deck and that’s simply never a bad thing, all while increasing his loyalty.

His ultimate brutal ability negates all those who do not control your opponents permanently, which will effectively end the game. Each ability in this card has an effect, turning this card into a huge threat on the battlefield.

2 Nicole Boulas, Dragon God

The Dragon-God comes as the least expensive Nicole Bolas plane, costing one blue, three black, and one red. With his passive ability that gives him access to all the loyalty abilities of all the plane passengers in play, he is one of the most versatile. This can also result in two endless combinations when paired with a Teferi and Jace Division, Cunning Castaway or Aminatou, Fateshifter.

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Although it may take a bit, thanks to the Dragon-God that only comes at 4 loyalty, his -8 ability can be an instant victory if your opponents aren’t controlling a legendary creature or jetpack. A quick, decisive win is not a bad thing in Magic, and this card gives you it on a silver platter.

In War of the Spark, Dragon-God may be the last Nicole Bolas card we’ll ever see, but he definitely came out with great fanfare.

1 Nicol Bolas, The Ravager // Nicol Bolas, The Arisen

That is, Nicole Bolas’ strongest, and for good reason. Starting as a creature of one generic, one blue, one black, and one red, the Bolas can then be turned into an amusement park by paying four generics, one blue, one black, and one red to convert.

Arisen starts a Loyalty Seven when he transforms, and again he has four abilities. Its missing abilities are a great resource for removing as well as getting some of your missing pieces back to the board. You can even steal those powerful pieces from your opponents’ graveyard that you placed there with Paulus himself as well.

Like most powerful foot walking cards, his ultimate ability will almost finish the game. If your opponent doesn’t have an answer for Bolas soon after playing it, the game will slip off his or her fingers relatively quickly.

This convertible card is without a doubt the most powerful Nicole Bolas card that can be printed. It’s the best of both worlds in a powerful, reliable creature and devastatingly powerful airstrip with the potential to completely change the game.

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