Beginner tricks and tips for playing Bridget in Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Jahed Entering its second season with a bang, it brings fan-favorite yo-yo Bridget into a jumble of already-packed characters. While many of the characters have seen major changes to their gameplay or tricks, Bridget is still the All-Rounder fighter you know and love.

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Although her kit has already changed, Bridget’s brutal and surgically precise yo-yo skills, mixed with her mechanical bear, Roger, make her happy to play and feel familiar to the seniors who have played her in past installments. Bridget has many tricks up her sleeve, making her a formidable enemy from just about anywhere and in most situations.

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Bridget Overview

Bridget classified as everything fighter Tools that allow it to control space from a large range while also having a strong neutral game, Which It makes it difficult for opponents to approach and makes it easier for her to enter. In addition to, Bridget has one of the most unique moves in the game, allowing her to close the gap on her opponent in the blink of an eye, Give her the ability to exert relentless pressure.

If it’s not clear now, Bridget He has some of the best offensive options in the game, making it A specialist from anywhere on the stage. In addition, thanks to Bridget’s ability to control the space in front of her, Could you Set the tempo of the match by itself. Could you Forcing her opponent to respect and adapt to her playing style Or die trembling in fear of it Intense mixes, fast attacks, and unyielding pressure. However, this is the place One of her few weaknesses turn comes, her defense.

while she is has a littleget off meand options To help her create space and stop the adversary’s creep, It has a relatively low health range and is punished severely by the whiff. The good news, fortunately, is that Few characters can punish a long whiff, Most of her actions are made safe when she is away. but, Whenever she is close and personal to her opponent, she should always try to end her threads with something safe, Giving her opponent the opportunity to strike back or fight back could result in a deadly combination.

finally, Bridget suffers from a problem similar to Millia Raj, where She can apply throttle pressure, perform near-endless combos of almost any action, and attack for the better part of a match while doing hardly any damage. Although the damage it does isn’t bad, it’s not at the same level as the other characters in Strive. When paired with its low health pool, this makes it so He could lose against a very skilled opponent of only two decent attack threads or a well-placed Overdrive. You are You should treat every match with a level of respect and strategy, Or things can turn ugly real fast.

General gameplay strategy

Now that the general concept of Bridget has been covered, it is time to get into its overall gameplay and strategy. Although we touched on some of these things in the last section, this will allow us to explain why they are such a formidable offensive opponent and how all of their options can work together to create their unrelenting pressure.

Mixes for days

Bridget has Several powerful mixing tools at her disposal”rolling movement‘A special attack is among her strongest.’ while she is She can perform this action only when her yo-yo is fromstop and dashin play, it’s easy Her best choice in order to close the gap in front of her opponent. She can’t just Cancel in any air attack During a rolling movement but Bridget Cancellation in Overdrive, Specials and Burst To give this procedure more effective properties and blending potential.

Although easy to summon, Rolling motion should be the default ‘air dashThe aerial approach to your opponent. Being able to unlock in a wide range of abilities or their 5P bait makes it an incredibly deadly tool. which will be used repeatedly throughout the game. in addition to, Weaving it in large chains gives it a powerful mixing potential because of Catch low-handicapped opponents by surprise from above the head In the heat of battle.

rolling movement he is Best used on fallen opponents from 2D (crouching dust) or throws. Could you Throw a yo-yo at it with a Stop and Dash, then follow it with either a Rolling Movement or a few low attacks, Constantly guessing their opponents when they wake up.

non-stop pressure

talk about okizeme Bridget (Ability to press opponents when they wake up), its mixing capabilities go hand in hand with its ability to apply relentless and nearly unstoppable amounts of pressure. while she is Stop, Impulse and Rolling movement are half of the equation, to her The other half comes fromkick start my heart, else Excellent progression tool In Bridget’s arsenal.

kick start my heart Maybe extended withbrakes‘ And the ‘shoot, with The first slows down its movement speed by about forty percent And the The latter significantly increased it by about eighty percent. this is It allows her to change her speed constantly approaching to catch the opponent off guard, give her Huge amounts of options to apply pressure and carry out mixing operations.

In addition to, Kick Start My Heart Kara can also be canceled (Cancel starting an action to Super Move) In which “loop the loop‘ or ‘The return of the killing machinespeed boost. However, to perform these actions, You must first use the Brake or Shoot extensions, then immediately cancel into one of their Overdrives. While it might be a bit difficult to get off at first, it One of the best ways for her to finish combos or attack leads is if she has a meter.

basic groups

On the topic of combos, it’s time to end this with some of their basic “Bread and Butter” combos that will be your starting point in most cases. But before that, we would like to share a quick summary of general terms and inputs found in the game just in case you are new to the game and don’t familiarize yourself with all the terms yet!

Guilty Gear Strive ملاحظات Notes

general input

Neutral Bridget Combo

  • HS > HS
  • S > HS > HS
  • 2S > HS > HS
  • P > P > 2K > 236K > P or K (within 236K)
  • 2P > 2P > 2K > 236K > P or K (within 236K)
  • 2K > 2D > 236K > P or K (within 236K)

Bridget Corner Sets

  • cl.S>2S>2HS>236HS>HS>HS>236K>P or K (within 236K)
  • cl.S>6HS>236HS>HS>HS>236K>P or K (within 236K)
  • cl.S>6HS>236HS>dash>K>6HS>236K

While there are plenty of combos and methods in Bridget’s repertoire, We feel that the above items will give you the best understanding of their general settings and capabilities, Allowing you to get attached to it before getting into the more complicated stuff. And once you feel ready to step things up, be sure to check out our Guilty Gear Strive combo maker to see all kinds of combos and settings for Bridget that will take your game to the next level!

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