Best builds for Barrett in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Explore Medgar meat in Final Fantasy 7 Remake It is a magical moment for many gamers who have dreamed of it since 1997. The game is a huge success that retells a classic story dear to their hearts.

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Of the four playable characters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Barret Wallace is the most suitable for long-range attacks. There are close-range weapon options for his grafted arm, but Barrett’s main attraction is his ability to wreak havoc from afar. Throughout this guide, we’ll analyze Barret’s best designs that leverage his talents in three key areas to help you take down the evil Shinra Corporation.

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Building an attack build will have Barret focus on massive damage. It’s more effective than long range, although it does have a close range build option available depending on your playstyle.

category Noun details
a weapon Demolition Ball / Big Bertha Wrecking Ball is better suited for close-range combat, while Big Bertha uses Barret’s long-range abilities.

Wrecking Ball offers more Materia slots than Big Bertha, but the latter offers more offensive options.

shield Chain bangle / cog bangle The Bangle series increases Barret’s physical defense and magical defense even more than Cog Bangle’s, but the latter is a suitable alternative.
Appendix Super wrist guards This addon will enhance Barret’s attack and power but reduce his magical and magical attack.
Materials Eight or nine holes First Hit, Time, Deadly Dodge, HP Up, Chakra, ATB Stagger, Ice/Fire/Lightning, ATB Boost, Ifrit or Fat Chocobo

a weapon

Barret has two close range options that may be appropriate depending on the enemy you are facing.

wrecking ball It is the best close-range weapon of the Barret, but also provides great use of Materia with One connection slot and four separate slots. Her ability, Smackdown, has Barret Smashing the ground, sending nearby enemies flying backward. You receive the demolition ball in Chapter 14 After defeating Type 0 Behemoth.

For a far-reaching option, look no further than Big Bertha. Also a great Materia option with Two connected slots and one separate slot, gives Big Bertha Barret the highest attack rating among long-range weapons and also boosts his health a bit. The weapon’s ability, Maximum Fury, is aptly named, as Barret shoots a thick stream of bullets at the enemy. Before returning to Sector 7, you can Buy Big Bertha from a seller in Chapter 13.


Choosing a suitable piece of armor comes in which presents the biggest bump in the character’s defensive categories. The bangle chain Significantly increases Barrett’s defense and magic defense, and also provides Two connecting holes for materials. While exploring Chapter 17, Bangle Chain It can be found hidden in the chest.

Replacement armor piece is bangle gearwhich moderately increases his defense and magic defense, and provides One connection slot and one separate slot. You can get Cog Bangle in 3 different ways: either as a file The item has been dropped from the Valkyrie boss In Chapter 15, it was purchased in A Shop inside the Shinra buildingokay Reward for completing Shinra Challenge Simulators.


You will want to prepare a file Super wrist guards On any character you want to increase its attack. This supplement will Enhanced Barrett’s Attack and Strengthbut also Reduce the attack of magic and magic. You can buy Super Wrist Guards during Chapter 9 in the Wall Market.


Depending on which piece of armor you supply between the Cog Bangle and Chain Bangle, you are looking at eight or nine Materia Slots.

With that in mind, you’ll want to prepare first blow To increase the amount of ATB gauge at the start of the battle, Time, deadly dodge If you are using a Wrecking Ball, HP Up, ATB Stagger, Chakrathen fill the remaining holes with filler The strongest elemental substance.

If you don’t want to use an ATB Stagger or multi-element textures, you can replace it with another HP Up or Healing. To summon it, select either Everett or Fat Chocobo For additional pitfalls in the attack and power categories of Barret.

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Barret’s ability, Lifesaver, makes the tank build an excellent choice for the character. Being able to absorb damage to his party members is exactly what you’re looking for in a defensive-minded build.

category Noun details
a weapon light weapon A long-range weapon that increases Barrett’s physical defense and magical attack.

The rescue ability allows Barrett to inflict intended damage to other affected limb members.

shield Super Brace / Star Bracelet / Heavy Duty Kickstand / Charm Arm The two benches enhance Barret’s physical defense, while the star cuff and mage armlet enhance his magical defense.
Appendix Super wrist guards Although Super Wrist Guards do not affect Barrett’s defensive classes, it is still the best accessory available to equip to increase his attack.
Materials Eight slots (five if Astral Cuff is equipped) Deadly Dodge, HP Up(2), Chakra, Time, Fixed Block, Provocation, Barrier, Ifrit

a weapon

Having a character to absorb damage is a must in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and this tank builder will make Barrett so.

for him light weapon The Avalanche Commander gives a boost in his physical defense and magical attack. Offer the weapon Two connecting slots for materials and one separate slot. Her ability, Lifesaver, is perfect for tank building: When activated, Barret Deals damage assigned to other party members. You’ll get a light machine gun afterwards Completing Chapter Six.


Ultimately, your choice of armor will depend on whether you’re up against an enemy that specializes in magical or physical attacks. Your main choices will be Supreme BrasserAnd the stellar cuffAnd the Heavy BracerAnd the wizard ramlet.

The straights focus on increasing Barret’s physical defense, while the star cuff and wizard armlet increase his magical defense. Could you Buy props from different stores after chapter 13 (The Supreme Bracer is also a file Reward after completing Shinra Combat Simulators), The Astral Cuff is found in Chapter 17and the The mage’s arm is found in chapter 14.


When it comes to the accessory you choose, you’ll want to stick with supernatural wrist guards. while the mascot It increases Barret’s Magic Defense very slightly, and lowering his attack isn’t worth the trade-off.


Unless you equip an Astral Cuff, you are looking at a total of eight Materia slots.

You’ll Still Want Deadly Dodge Damage the area after evadingTwo HP Ups, Chakra, Time, Steadfast Block to Reduce enemy damage and fill up the ATB gauge faster while on guardprovocation Directing enemy fire when members of the other party are hurtthe barrier.

Ifrit remains the best choice to serve as a summons to grant Barret Added a boost to Defense and Vitality classes.


Barret may not be the most suitable character to build a Mage, but it’s still possible with the right equipment. This building is still Take advantage of long-range standard Barrett attackswhile also giving it Maximum material slots.

category Noun details
a weapon EKG cannon This long-range weapon increases Barret’s magic attack and health but decreases his physical defense and attack.
shield Supreme Bracer / Heavy Bracer / Arm Wizard The modifiers are more suitable against enemies that specialize in physical attacks, while the wizard uses Armlet against magical enemies.
Appendix Platinum earrings / ring Platinum earrings greatly increase Barrett’s Magic and Magic Attack, while Circlet moderately increases Magic, Magic Attack, and MP.
Materials Nine slots Healing, Time, MP Up(2), HP Up, Elemental, Ice/Fire/Lightning, Revival, Barrier, Shiva

a weapon

When creating a Mage build for Barret, you’ll want to prepare a file EKG cannon. this weapon Increases Barrett’s Magical Attack and Health, but decreases his Physical Defense and Attack.

Although the weapon’s standard attack works from long range, its ability, Point Blanc, delivers an attack from close range. You can get the weapon from Assistant Mayor Domino’s in Chapter 16, but be careful because you can miss this weapon.


Again, your choice of armor will depend on the type of enemy you face.

If the enemy is skilled in magic attacks, choose the magician’s arm Barrett’s magical defense increased; If the enemy uses physical attacks, equip the Supreme or Heavy Bracer. You’ll want to avoid the star cuff because it will do so Severely limit the use of your materialsAnd, with that build, Materia is the name of the game.


To maximize Barret’s Mage build, the top two accessory options are platinum earrings And the the ring. will earrings Barret’s Magic and Magic Attack increasedwhile the Circlet will increase Magic, Magic Attack and MP.

However, the increase from Platinum Earrings will be greater than the Circlet, and you can always equip the MP Up Materia for an extra boost. Could you Buy earrings in the Wall Market and find the ring in Chapter 14.


With this build, Barret will have nine available slots of Materia materials at his disposal. We recommend filling it out Healing, Time, HP Ups, 2 MP Ups, Elemental pair with one Ice, Fire, Lightning, Revival, and Barrier. Equip Shiva as summoned too Enhanced Magic and Magic Attack Classes.

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