Destiny 2 to be less “periodic” with future Sandbox changes, Dev . reveals

Like many online games, Destiny 2 has always had a “meta”. There was the Scout Meta (which everyone hated), the Machine Gun Meta (where Hardlight was dominant), the Reverse Wills and the Tall Mountaintop (which nobody wants to go back to). But we can expect these definitions to be less prevalent in Destiny 2 starting in future seasons.

According to co-designer Mercules in an interview with Massive Podcast CollapseThe plan is for Destiny 2 to be less “periodic.” Previously, Destiny 2 kept its metadata up to date with significant changes to certain weapons or weapon classes, resulting in metadata that would shift from season to season. This has changed over the past several months, with the sandbox team now looking into more thoughtful changes to keep the sandbox more stable.

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This does not mean that things will not change. As TWAB showed last weekThe Destiny sandbox will actually change a lot. High-impact machine guns, lightweight bows, and heavy-duty grenade launchers are set to receive a boost next season, but the idea is to make sure none of these buffs are so big that they continue to define the definition for a season or three.

As for the source of these buffs, Mercules said Bungie takes into account usage stats and overall effectiveness, but also so-called “net fun,” which considers both the user and target of any given weapon. Inanimate objects are prone to receiving alarms, such as Lorentz Driver, whom Mercules described as a “problem child.”

Lorentz Driver’s problem has always been the fact that it’s a one-shot kill with a very easy-to-use and forgiving zoom. However, changes that are expected to affect sniper rifles in the near future (either in the middle of Season 18 or possibly Season 19) may apply to Lorentz Driver and other Fusion rifles if they prove successful.

We can expect more at TWAB next week and more on August 23, when Bungie hosts the Destiny 2 Showcase event. We might even be able to see the class of radioactive toxins.

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