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Snap Inc. announced. Announcing the launch of four new features for Snapchat + Participants. Back in June, Snap launched its Snapchat+ subscription service at $3.99 per month with a promise Exclusive, beta and pre-release features.. However, at launch, the service only had a few premium features, including the ability to change the app icon, see who’s re-viewed a story, and pin a friend to the top of the chat history as a “BFF” See friends’ location history during The past 24 hours, Friend Solar Systems and Ghost Trails.

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However, the company has since added more features, including a web app called Snapchat for web that allows subscribers to send messages and make video calls from their desktop computers. Unfortunately, the new feature is only available in a few countries and not in all markets where Snapchat + is available. The drop in the new feature today will make Snapchat+ more attractive to users and could bring more subscribers to the platform.

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Most notably the new four Snapchat + The features are ‘Priority Story Replies’, which will make replies posted by premium subscribers more visible to Snap Stars than replies from unpaid users. For those wondering who ‘Snap Stars’ are, it’s Snapchat-talk for verified accounts that belong to content creators and public figures. The other new features are all relatively low-key and only enhance the look and feel of the app on the phone and while posting messages. One such feature is Post View Emoji, which allows subscribers to choose a custom emoji to sign out of their Snaps. As part of the plan, once a friend sees a subscriber’s Snaps, a custom emoji will appear on the friend’s timeline next to the subscriber’s avatar.

Snapchat + has over 1 million subscribers

The other two new features include new Bitmoji wallpapers and new app icons. The former will now give Snapchat+ subscribers exclusive access to a gold-tone and beachy-themed wallpaper, while the latter will offer three new custom app icon designs for paid subscribers. Snapchat + already offers users the ability to use custom app icons, which means that new icons will now provide more options.

Along with the new features, Snap also announced that it has had over 1 million paying subscribers since Snapchat+ launched six weeks ago. Snap also says that the service has been expanded to many new markets and is now available in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Finland and Austria. Snapchat + It was only available in a few countries at launch.

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