Former QB Eagles Ghost Raiders: ‘It’s time to move on’


Josh McDaniels with Derek Carr.

Randall Cunningham thought he was making a difference as a chaplain for the Las Vegas Raiders. These feelings were not entirely mutual, at least not among the leaders of the new regime there.

Cunningham recently step down From his position after failing to get a call from coach Josh McDaniels. The legendary quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles saw the shadows as a sign that he was unwanted. The raiders seem to be moving in a different direction, perhaps taking the debt out of the locker room.

The organization has hired a new head coach, a new general manager, and a new team leader. according to Chris Thomason from

“I kept calling and calling and calling, trying to get the appropriate officials to get approval as to which direction Coach McDaniels was going, but it just passed, and finally I said, ‘I don’t think I need it here anymore,'” Cunningham told Thompson. Once he said, ‘I look forward to your participation here.’ And I said, “Feel free to call at any time.” I did not receive a call again. And I thought that was kind of a sign for me, it’s time to move on.”

Cunningham was appointed by then coach John Gruden in 2020 to serve as a spiritual sounding board. (sarcasm since it was Gruden forced to resign After a hateful email scandal). The 59-year-old is an ordained priest who founded a church called The remaining ministries in Las Vegas in 2004.

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Cunningham was supporting Gruden during the controversy

Cunningham and Gruden spent one training camp together in Philly, way back in 1995. The Eagles were transitioning to a West Coast-style offensive under Gruden, their new offensive coordinator. Cunningham wasn’t necessarily picking it up quickly.

Jordan took him to the bench Rodney Pete and then Cunningham left. Literally. The quarterback retired briefly before reinventing himself with Minnesota Vikings.

But there was no bad blood between Gruden and Cunningham despite their divorce from Philly. Later, Gruden will attend mass at Cunningham Church in Las Vegas. and four times Pro Bowler Supports Gruden When accused of sending racist emails.

“I told him, I know you as a person. I don’t think you are a racist in any faction of the game.” Cunningham said to Thomason. “If anyone pulled our records, we would all be guilty. Therefore, I neither condemn him nor do we as a Church.”

To stay in Philadelphia too long

The decision to bench Cunningham in 1995 came technically from Ray Rhodes, the first coach hired by new owner Jeffrey Lowery. Cunningham was put off the bench twice in the first four weeks before Rodney Petty was silenced for start. The Eagles also signed with Ty Dettmer to compete for the job. Cunningham was looking forward to starting over at the age of 32.

“My only regret is that I stayed in Philadelphia for so long [11 seasons] And let the era of Rich Kotite’s cultivation roll me over,” Cunningham said to Peter King In 1996. “But I’m only 32. I’m still a quarterback, with the right team.”


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