How to rearrange pages in Microsoft Word

Do you think the page belongs elsewhere in your document? If so, Microsoft Word offers two ways to change the location of your pages. You can rearrange your pages using either the Navigation Pane or cut and paste them. We’ll show you both ways.

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Ways to change page order in Word

One way to change Ranking your page is to use the navigation pane. With this method, you are essentially transferring the addresses used in your document, moving the content at those addresses. Obviously, for this to work, you need to have heading sections in your document.

If you don’t have headings in your document, use the traditional cut-and-paste method to move the page content from its original location to another page in the document.

Move addresses in a Word document

If you have The document contains headings from the Styles section of Word, use this method to rearrange those headings. Technically this doesn’t move pages but it does move the headings allowing you to rearrange the content of the document.

To get started, launch the document with Microsoft Word. Next, in the Word bar at the top, click on the “View” tab.

arrive to "Opinion" tab at the top.

On the View tab, in the Show section, enable the Navigation Pane option.

activation "Navigation pane."

On the left side of Word, you will see the Navigation pane. Here, at the top, click on the Titles tab to display the titles of the document.

select file "Addresses" tab.

On the Headings tab, you will see all the headings used in the current document. To move an address, simply drag it with your mouse or trackpad and drop it at the desired location. Do this for each address you want to rearrange.

Word will transfer the content at the specified address.

advice: To quickly undo your changes, press Ctrl + Z on Windows or Command + Z on Mac.

Drag and drop the title.

When you’re done, don’t forget to save your changes by clicking File > Save.

Enjoy working with your rearranged Word document!

Change the order of pages using cut and paste in Word

If the document does not contain headings, or if you do not want to rearrange the pages using headings, Use the cut and paste method as follows.

First, open the document with Microsoft Word. Next, in the document, access the page you want to move.

On the page, select all the content that you want to move to another location. You can use the trackpad, mouse, or even the keyboard to make the selection.

Then cut the content by right-clicking on the selected text and choosing “Cut”.

Choose "Cuts" from the list.

In your document, select where you want to paste the content you just cut. Place your cursor where you want your content to start, right-click there, and select Keep Source Formatting.

You have successfully moved your content from one page to another in your document. Enjoy!

This is how you change the order of pages in Microsoft Word documents. very useful!

Don’t like it when Word splits your paragraph between pages? If so, there is a way to fix that, as described in our guide.

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