Kathy Hilton addresses the future of Kyle Richards at RHOBH


Kyle Richards of RHOBH.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star has opened up about the future of the show, and who she thinks she’ll be back next season.

Veteran cast member Kyle Richards previously spoke to Entertainment Tonight About her long reign at RHOBH and when she’ll walk away. Richards is the only member who has remained on the show since his debut in 2010.

“I think when the bad outweighs the good, I’ll know it’s time to let go of my diamond,” Richards told ET. “I also think it’s when you’re not having fun anymore.”

Richards did not enjoy filming the second season of RHOBH. There were already rumors of RHOBH’s explosive trip to Aspen Colorado, where Richards owns a home. according to peopleSeveral women had a big fight during the flight, which was filmed in January. Richards He said to the outlet“Those weren’t the fun times for me because I live there part-time. …So I bring all these women into my second home, which is my quiet, calm, happy place that, all of a sudden, isn’t anymore.”

In a new interview, RHOBH’s “friend” Kathy Hilton gave an update on her sister’s condition as well as her own plans for the future on Bravo’s reality show.

Kathy Hilton talks about her sister’s role as Kyle Richards on RHOBH

Kyle Richards, Kathy Hilton

GTKyle Richards and Kathy Hilton.

In recent interviews, Richards has addressed her status at RHOBH. in late 2021 is he told the pedestrians, “Every year I think, ‘Oh, that’s a given. “But you kind of wait to see how you feel, and then, you know, they start asking again to see where your head is. I’ve been here for so long…Eventually I’m going to have to leave.”

she E! News Earlier this year she was sure she ended up with RHOBH after all the drama that went down while filming Season 12.

“I was like, ‘There is absolutely no way,'” she said in May 2022. I have finished. I have finished. I want to live my life in peace. I can’t take this. …I always say, “I don’t know,” and every season I think, “Well, maybe I can do another game.” And sometimes I’m just like,How Can I keep doing this? Especially when I feel very upset. … I just take it day in and day out.”

But in an interview conducted in August 2020 with E!Hilton, who has been a “friend” to RHOBH since season 11, noted that her sister “does it” when it comes to questioning her future on the show.

“She works so hard, and finally sometimes she goes, ‘Okay, maybe that’s it,'” Hilton explained. “But I think she’ll come back. I believe that she he is the offer.”

Kathy Hilton revealed why she can’t join RHOBH full time

Kathy Hilton

I did wellKathy Hilton of RHOBH.

Hilton revealed that even with her limited role on RHOBH, it’s a huge commitment to do journalism, attend events like BravoCon, and film the grueling reunion all day long. She made it clear that she does not aspire to be a full-time housewife.

“Usually, you’d say, ‘I’d never say never,'” she said, “but definitely not, ever.” “This way, you have to involve your family, my family will have no interest and my husband will have no interest. He is a businessman, so that will never happen. They expect you to involve all your children, your husband, everything.”

This isn’t the first time Hilton has shut down the idea of ​​working full-time at RHOBH. In June 2021, she said I told Entertainment Tonight She is not interested in becoming a full-time member of the cast. “I will never carry a diamond that I can tell you,” she said. “I have a lot on my side right now and I’m working on some interesting and exciting stuff. I won’t have time.”

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