Little People, Matt Roloff’s biggest scandal of all time

Small people, big world It’s been a staple on TLC since 2006, and it’s time to talk about the dramatic scandals that Matt Roloff has been involved in throughout the seasons. The long-running reality show has followed the Roloff family through many twists and turns. More often than not, Matt is the catalyst for drama with his partner, Karen Chandler.

Matt, the head of the family, has been involved in his fair share of long-running controversies for the series. As a result, he was part of a lot of tense and dramatic scenes. Some fans hate him, while others feel for Matt, who has had to deal with several serious health issues since he was a child.

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In the midst of family tension, a major breakup, and issues regarding Roloff Farms, Matt is often full. However, it is sometimes considered the instigator. There are fans who believe that the famous reality TV father is causing his own problems, although others have blamed his castmates.

Matt Roloff’s divorce (and reunion with Karen) was shocking

One of the defining moments in Matt’s life was his divorce from Amy Roloff in 2016. The couple separated in 2015, after 27 years of marriage, and viewers were shocked to learn that Matt was suspected of having an affair with his personal assistant, Karen. Not long after signing the divorce papers, Matt revealed that he was dating Karen, who appeared Small people, big world. In fact, before announcing the separation, she was having a close relationship with Amy. Amy suspected Matt was unfaithful before he revealed that he was dating Karen.

Matt Roloff Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

according to Nikki SwiftMatt lived with alcohol problems, and was first arrested for drunk driving in 2003. The charge was dismissed after he completed an alcohol diversion program. However, in 2007, he was arrested for a DUI in Washington County, Oregon. Officers said Matt was struggling to keep his truck in its driveway. He pleaded not guilty, and was eventually found not guilty.

Matt and Amy have been sued over a farm accident

In October 2011, according to online radarMatt and Amy are being sued by a guest at the famous family estate, Roloff Farms, which appears in Small people, big world. Linda Farrall claimed she was injured on a trip to an Oregon farm in 2009. Court documents stated that Farrall fell from a picnic suite after being hit by another guest. She lost her balance and stumbled before falling. She sued Matt and Amy for $100,000, but the case was settled out of court, for an undisclosed amount.

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Roloff died at odds with his children

Matt’s latest scandal is a feud with his two sons, Jeremy and Zack, over the family farm. according to us weeklyMatt was trying to negotiate the sale of part of the property with his sons, but said they were not interested in buying it themselves. Matt said he had to put up 16 acres for sale because of that fact. However, Zack claimed that Matt was putting the property up for sale to get better ratings before that Small people, big world Season 23. Negotiations soon fell apart early in the season, when Zach revealed that he wanted to buy 30 acres on the north side of the property.

A dispute over the sale led to tension between Zack and Matt. Amy said it would have been nice if Zack got the part of the farm, but she didn’t want to get into their argument. Zack ditched the deal and moved his family to Washington. Matt had his highs and his times, and more often than not, he tangled up with his kin.

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