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Written by Keith Kjarval and directed by Izzy Rahman. There is no way out It is a new movie starring Maya Mitchell.good problemand Joey Bekechiblackbird). The film tells the love story of Nick and Tessa when they fall in love in Los Angeles after they first meet on a dating app. With Nick’s photography career on the rise, and his relationship seemingly unshakable, things couldn’t be more perfect.

However, everything changes when Tessa bumps into a group of men from her past. Terrified and ready to flee the city, Nick begs to get rid of them, once and for all. The line between love and obsession blurs, as Nick finds he will stop at nothing to take revenge on the woman who has his heart.

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splash screen Conversations with co-stars Maia Mitchell and Joey Bicicchi about growing their on-screen relationship in the action thriller.

Screen Rant: I really enjoyed this movie. No Way Out was so much fun. I had a great time watching it We have a suspense, it’s a thriller, it’s a mystery, and we have some romance there. So what drew you to this project?

Maya Mitchell: For me it was like that – I know I was looking for something at the time… I was looking for something that was really challenging. We filmed this movie three years ago, so I was working on a TV show at the time. And I knew it was going to be low-budget, I knew we were going to be in good shape and sloppy, like, you know, with a short time frame. I loved the script. I loved meeting Izzie, our manager, and then fell in love with Joey, you know, so why not do this job?

Joey Bicicchi: I originally got the script from writer Keith Chiarval, and I read that and it was something that I think, emotionally speaking, I was really trying to process because it scared me. Excuse me for my French, but that was only because – he just started out of that love story, and then he totally moved into like, you know, Dante’s hell and then he met my consolation and seeing his vision of her. Then I read with a bunch of people and then Maya Mitchell walked in, and it kind of stopped our hearts and it was pretty cool.

Screen Rant: Maia, you mentioned that you filmed this three years ago, so was this before or during the pandemic?

Maya Mitchell: Early 2019. Well… yeah. That was three and a half years ago.

Joey Bekechi: Yeah, we’ve been adjusting during the pandemic. I think it was in the pandemic calendar year when it started.

Screen Rant: Well, you’ve been waiting for a while for this to come up.

Maya Mitchell: Yes. we will miss you. we will miss you.

Loud Screen: This is very exciting!

Maya Mitchell: It’s very exciting!

Screen Rant: The dynamic between your characters is a really important part of the movie. It’s basically what drives all of Nick’s actions – his feelings for Tessa. Have you guys done any work together before to try to make this relationship feel authentic?

Maya Mitchell: A lot. I think we spent twice as much time working out as we did on filming this movie. Well, we spent a lot of time training. yes.

Joey Bekechi: That was a big prerequisite for me, with whoever I was playing with, we had to train, we had to train. Because there were a lot of things we had to feel comfortable with, build trust with, just so we could show up and do the best job we could.

Screen Rant: This is an exciting movie, and atmospheric, you have some action and some fight scenes in there. What kind of preparation is needed for that?

Joey Bekechi: So we’re getting into most of the fights. Two of the funny guys who did the Avengers movies were friends with the producer, Keith Kjarval. So they went in and they, I mean, were cool. They came in and we did every fight scene. And my favorite is near the end of this alley, because it gets so cool, so wild. But I always felt safe. Everything was well planned. And what I didn’t realize is, like, these sexy guys really help the DPs into corners and make things look really cool and smooth. So I learned a lot in the process.

Screen Rant: Was this your first time doing any kind of stunts or fight scenes like that? Or do you have experience?

Joey Bekichi: I think for that amount of time, yes. I’ve done stunts before. But that was, you know, we have to be really careful in people’s faces.

Screen rants: That’s fair.

Joey Bekechi: I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Maya Mitchell: You don’t want to hurt an actor’s face.

Screen shot: Totally understandable. This is a very heavy movie. There are a lot of feelings – I imagine there are a lot of challenges with her. I was wondering if something specific during these emotional scenes was difficult, or – I don’t know, I’m not an actor! Maybe it was easy for you guys! But was there anything that commented when you were filming these?

Joey Bekichi: Yeah, I also think I pulled out a lot, like, when you first come to L.A., it can be a totally lonely place. And you don’t really know anyone. And I think Nick is in that place a lot. And then when something wild and lofty like what’s happening to it – it gets put on top of that. So you thought about those moments, and then, obviously, just, your own life and trauma.

But the best part is, Maya made this kind of environment really safe for me because sometimes it can be hard, but she was like, meet me there, which allowed me to open up. So I mean, a lot of that is due to Maya letting me share that with everyone.

Maya Mitchell: Yeah, Joey was in it the whole time. For me, it was, I mean, I knew getting into it, like, Joey carries the movie, you know, with all that kind of emotional weight of what comes with it and what it was kind of filming, and so I knew it was all he needed, I was there to do it, as Learn. Like, “Help me, help you, help me,” you know?

I knew I just had to meet him wherever he was, and make him safe and comfortable just to play and go crazy. And it helped my work too, you know? I was able to pull that off and it was really fun and really intense, but great. I learned a lot in that shot.

JOY BEICHI: And Izzi was pretty cool when he let her run, and then she came in and whispered a few notes here and there. Just like taking care of what he wants to see emotionally. So that was really fun.

Screen Rant: Was there any improvement there? Did you guys improvise at all, or do you stick to the script pretty much?

Maya Mitchell: He was pretty much committed to the script except for our first day. Well, I guess it was like day zero. Even before filming on the first day, there was a montage of the script, where we were running around LA, like falling in love. And it was all improvised. We had DP, Peter Mosiman, and our first ad, and we’re just Keith and Izzy and we’ve been running around L.A., yeah, filming. And Maya and Joy, like figuring out how we used to get along too, you know? It was kind of the perfect warm-up. And it was all completely improvised and that was probably my favorite day. It was very fun.

Joey Bekechi: It was very fun. We improvised a lot at rehearsal, too, to see what works. And then when we launched it, it was already there. Like the bar scene stuff in the montage. It happened by playing at rehearsals, so it was really fun.

Screen Rant: That’s so cool that this was an improvisation. I love those scenes. I was thinking, “This is my home and so cute. Love this!” It was great.

Maya Mitchell: She’s local and sweet. This is correct. This is how I describe their relationship [laughs].

Screen Rant: I was also curious what happens next for each of you. Maya, I know that good problem It’s been renewed for a fifth season, but did your work on this movie spark your interest in doing more thrillers in the future?

Maya Mitchell: Yes. yes. I’m shooting a little friendship movie next month. So this is what I started this year. But, yeah, I’d like to do another thriller. I feel like it’s time to do something soon. It’s been a long time. I am ready.

Screen Rant: And then, Joey, do you have something coming too?

Joey Bicicchi: I just finished filming Brad Forman’s Tin Soldier, a movie about — not war vets but people with PTSD. So it was great. Anna De Niro, Jamie Foxx, and one of my favorite action actors, Yul Vazquez. So I am looking forward to it being released this year. In the meantime, just get back to the reading and testing phase.

There is no way out Summary

A Los Angeles couple is embroiled in an affair fueled by sex, drugs and dangers that quickly reaches boiling point. They are embroiled in a romantic relationship fueled by sex, drugs and dangers that quickly reaches a boiling point.

There is no way out It hits theaters, VOD, and all digital platforms on August 12th.

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