Quintez Cephus returns to lions, exits Halapoulivaati Vaitai


Halapoulivaati Vaitai celebrates with Brock Wright and Jared Goff in 2021.

After out training for the Detroit Lions on Monday, August 15, there was good news and bad news for the team in terms of potential injury cases.

A few weeks ago, I watched Lions as wide receiver Quintess Cepheus descended in practice. The injury looked minor at the time, but no one was sure how long the passer-holder would remain on the sidelines.

It seems that the answer was only two weeks. Cephus is back in action Monday, August 15th according to Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. Unfortunately, the news was not good for one of his attacking teammates.

Halapoulivaati Vaitai left during training and did not return. He ended up spelling Tommy Cramer according to Reporters and Rogers.

“Getting inside from practice a bit late today, but it’s good to see Quintez Cephus back in there. Less positive, Vaitai left in the middle of practice. Several other reporters who were watching the day were asked, but no one saw him leave. He was replaced by Tommy Kramer” Rogers Posted in Tweet.

If nothing else, the situation shows where the Detroit depth chart might be on alert. Kramer seeing Vaitai’s immediate action may be a good indication that the Lions believe in the unpolished year two of the second year as a piece to their streak.

The hope is that Cephus is healthy pre-season and ready to make an impact, and Vaitai isn’t lost for any length of time. However, this is another case for lions to watch.

The return of Cephus is important to the crime of lions

If there was one player the Lions likely wouldn’t want to lose early on in this camp period, it was Cephus. The wide player looked like one of the most interesting players on the roster given what he did in the off-season and early in camp, but it all hit his skates when he left training with an injury.

While it seemed that Cephus’ injury wouldn’t be much of a problem, it still was a stumbling block for the young man. Cephus has already missed most of 2021 due to injury, and there is likely to be a sense of deja-vu with the player.

It looks like Cephus could be a big piece for the Lions this year, and with his return, the hope is that the relationship between him and Jared Goff can continue to thrive pre-season.

Vaitai key piece for the depth of the black line

On the other hand, losing Vaitai would be a direct blow to Detroit’s potentially elite offensive line ahead of the 2022 season.

Last year Vaytay had a solid year on the bounce and is looking to continue to impact the game in a big way for 2022. He is a strong player on the ground game as well as against the pass. If lost, the team may see a drop in productivity given its importance.

It’s good to see Cramer being thought highly of, as he played games in 2021 and didn’t seem to be overkill at times. However, the team will want Vaytay back as soon as possible away from any potential injury.

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