Rams Legend Andrew Whitworth Plasts Show Popular Ranking


Andrew Whitworth during the young Rams training on June 7, 2022.

Now that Andrew Whitworth is retired, the Los Angeles Rams legend has spent some of his newfound time discovering Twitter.

But that includes not hesitating to offer up some blunt shots — which is exactly what the Rams’ Super Bowl winner did on Monday, August 15. And that was especially to show off the popular NFL Rankings that were officially broadcast on Sunday.

Who’s Ripped “Big Wet”

The NFL Network has released half of its annual “100 Best Players” list for the 2021 season.

While there are fans who look forward to the list that appears every August, one fan is Max Markham The menu is called “joke” and “popularity contest”.

But guess who helped with the resonance? Whitworth himself.

“It’s been a really long time, sir. It’s a joke—it’s humor! Content stuffing!” Whitworth replied.

Then Big White made this suggestion.

“Just do a live show and let TV talent pick it up. That way at least it’s a real opinion,” Whitworth suggested.

But then Whitworth revealed the claim that every player in the NFL votes who ranks 100 to No. 1.

“False claims that all players vote for it too,” Whitworth said. “My bad, but just keep it real.”

Whitworth’s former Rams teammate, Odell Beckham Jr., made the list – placing 90th overall for helping spark the Rams’ playoff torch last season.

However, the NFL Network’s “Top 100” wasn’t the only rating system the All-Pro blind guard followed.

Another Whitworth Rips 1 football site

Whitworth continued his blunt and honest streak after talking about his “Top 100”.

This time around, he questioned how the grading scales for individual performance work on analytics sites. Websites that focus on analytics and scores for each player such as Pro Football Focus have captured the attention of NFL fans and players – with many questioning or criticizing their ranking methods.

Whitworth even teased the tooth fairy to make his point.

“I feel like I just found out that the ‘tooth fairy’ isn’t real! I saw these scores through football websites! Who gives these scores???” Ask Whitworth. “The tackle does 10+ hits, sacks, rushes, stresses on 30 passes and is rated as a good performer??? Well, I’m sorry it was the last vent today. I’m done.”

Except it wasn’t. It was not only important how interventions were categorized, but how this situation group was evaluated by the analytic sites when it came to non-pass plays.

“This run blocking grade++ material has gotten out of hand. Who cares!” Whitworth said. “Yes, it is beneficial for your team to dominate the running game. But if you play in the NFL, it is better to be able to pass the pros. [protect]! And this is your value! The grade should always reflect this. minimum!”

Whitworth isn’t the first Ram to respond to players’ scores. Galen Ramsey, the Rams’ most voted player, was ranked either as the league’s second-best player in the league or, prior to the 2021 season, had a lower PFF score compared to former Rams second-back Darius Williams. However, he was the only playmaker to finish 15th in the top 15 players list on July 22nd.”The 50 best players in the league right now“Menus.

Meanwhile, taking honesty like this from Whitworth is starting to become a precursor to what to expect of him as he moves into Thursday night’s Amazon studio coverage.


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