Randall Cunningham leaves the Raiders after feeling unwanted


Former Vikings quarterback Randall Cunningham left his job with the Raiders in July.

Last month, former Minnesota Vikings star Randall Cunningham left his chaplain role for the Las Vegas Raiders.

His passing was quiet, just like the silent treatment the Raiders gave him amid a cultural change in Las Vegas.

However, Cunningham broke his silence on the matter last week with the Vikings season opener with Raiders on the horizon.

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“I don’t think I need it here.”

in August 10 Pioneer Press articleCunningham, who played for the Vikings from 1997 to 1999, gave details of his departure from Las Vegas.

He resigned as chaplain to the team because he felt unwanted by the organization under new coach Josh McDaniels.

“I kept calling and calling and calling, trying to get the appropriate officials to get approval as to which direction Coach McDaniels was going, but it just passed, and finally I said, ‘I don’t think I need it here anymore,'” Cunningham Chris Thomason from Pioneer Press said:.

Cunningham, a former UNLV star, is also a pastor, and he opened the Remnant Ministries Church in 2006. He was brought in as a chaplain to the team in 2020 by Jon Gruden, who resigned last October after old emails revealed the longtime NFL coach was using Racist and homophobic insults. He appeared during the NFL’s investigation into the workplace culture of Washington leaders.

Cunningham told Thomason he tried to contact Raiders owner Mark Davis after hiring McDaniels in January but did not receive a response. Cunningham said he left about three messages for McDaniels after he was hired and finally received a text from him about two months later.

“He texted me once and said, ‘I’m looking forward to your posting here. And I said, “Feel free to call at any time.” “And I never got a call back,” Cunningham said, in Thomason. “And I thought that was kind of a sign to me, it was time for me to move on.”

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Cunningham says players need a ‘brother or father figure’

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Back in his playing days in Minnesota, Cunningham spoke about the importance of having a chaplain for the team within the NFL organization.

from thomasson:

When Cunningham played for the Vikings, he said that the team’s chaplain Keith Johnson was very close to the players, and Cunningham hoped to establish a similar structure with the Raiders. He said this wasn’t possible initially in the past two seasons when he could only take Zoom calls with players due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The players really need someone who is going to be like a brother, a father figure — someone they can rely on and talk to outside of the organization — and that’s what we had in Minnesota,” Cunningham said.

While the Vikings enjoyed only a few years from Cunningham at the end of his career, the 1998 season could turn out to be one of his best. He completed 34 high-passes and led the Vikings to a regular season record 13-1 and an appearance in the NFC Conference title match.

This was his first team’s only All-Pro season, while also earning four Pro Bowl nods.


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