Some popular and confusing Instagram hashtags explained

Are you surprised by all the hashtags on Instagram? With a barrage of #instagood, #l4l, #f4f, #photooftheday, and #igers in every social media post, you’re definitely not alone. So what does #fmspad mean? What is the full form of #bhfyp? What does #iamtb mean?

In this article, we explain the meanings of different Instagram hashtags. This will help you use them to gain views and likes for your posts – all without annoying your followers.

What does #instagood mean on Instagram?

#instagood is a widely used hashtag and you should only use it on your best photos. In short, it indicates that the user is particularly proud of the image.

But in practice, many use it in almost any image. why?

The obvious reason is that people love every photo they take, so each of them should deserve the hashtag. The second is that #instagood actually originated through an Instagram account (Tweet embed) who uses the hashtag to display the best photos. They also promote a second account, @2instagoodand urged users to use the secondary hashtag #2instagood.

What does #instamood mean on Instagram?

Much like #instagood, #instamood is also related to a file Instagram account Primarily showing images of flowers, animals and sunsets. The account is rarely updated, so it’s not particularly worth pursuing.

This is the nature of hashtags that you don’t need to follow a specific account in order to use #instamood. Use the hashtag #instamood if the photo you took reflects your mood. In practice, all images reflect some kind of mood, so #instamood can always be applicable, which means it is widely used.

What does #photooftheday mean on Instagram?

This is not a meaningless hashtag that everyone uses in an effort to give more importance to average photos. Like many other popular hashtags, it is connected to an account.

mediators Tweet embed Find one photo each day and share it with the huge number of followers of the account. Obviously, the photo chosen must have the hashtag #photooftheday.

Companies can also use the hashtag to inform followers that they intend to use the platform every day, to attract dedicated readers. You’ll also see a variant of this, which is #picoftheday.

What does #igdaily mean on Instagram?

This is similar to #photofotheday, albeit less attractive. #igdaily means that you either share content every day (add #igdailypic or #igdailyphoto to make it clear) or your photo includes something you do every day.

Share a part of your regular routine. Tell people about your exercise regimen. Let your followers know what you like to do frequently.

What does #igers mean on Instagram?

This is one of the more obscure hashtags, but #igers simply means “Instagrammers”. If you tag your photo with this hashtag, it means that you are using Instagram.

It should be self-evident, except that the hashtag has become popular as a way to build a community. This led to the emergence of @ Niger the account.

What do #tbt and #throwbackthursday mean?

#tbt and #throwbackthursday are two of the most popular hashtags on social media, but what do they mean?

Thursdays of the Past is a great way to indulge in nostalgia by posting old photos. These are often selfies to show how much you have changed in the intervening years. The main problem with this hashtag is that it is sometimes used as part of hashtag lists that are copied and pasted, and it has nothing to do with the images that are used with Throwback Thursday.

It’s hugely popular, and it has spawned a sibling #flashbackfriday, which includes similar content (for those who missed their chance the day before).

What do #motivation and #motivationmonday mean on Instagram?

First featured on Twitter, #motivationmonday is used to share inspirational quotes for workers to start a new week feeling energized. It is similarly used on Instagram, as with #motivation, although the latter is increasingly used in photos of people at the gym or exercising elsewhere.

Of course, not everyone is motivated by others flexing their muscles, so some users attach hashtags to pictures of people working on laptops.

What does #fmspad mean on Instagram?

This hashtag stands for Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day, a challenge he set Fat Mom Slim Blog. Every month, a list of daily hashtags is revealed and anyone involved needs to think creatively to take the best relevant photo possible. Be as literal or figurative as you like. Interpret the hashtags however you like.

Although it started in January 2012, it is still popular with Instagrammers who keep up with the latest hashtag challenges. Watch for relevant hashtags, #fms_, #fmsphotochallenge, and #fatmumslim.

What does #bhfyp mean on Instagram?

#bhfyp is automatically generated by Best –, means the best hashtag for your post. The site is a search tool to get more likes and followers on Instagram, which is especially useful for potential brands and influencers. #bhfyp is listed in your latest posts if you use the service. It’s one of the many techniques you can use to increase followers, including figuring out the best time to post content.

If you search for the hashtag, you will definitely see an eclectic mix of posts!

What does #iamtb mean on Instagram?

Given that tuberculosis also refers to tuberculosis, this is not the ideal, but increasingly common hashtag that people use on vacation.

This means I want a travel blog, so flag this in screenshots from weird locations – although you should do this after you get home or risk your safety by alerting people in your empty house. Following this hashtag is a way to see the world without leaving the comfort of your living room.

What does #instagramhub mean on Instagram?

Think of #instagramhub as the main hub for all kinds of content from all kinds of users. Use this hashtag to gain attention by reaching a wider audience. It’s something many Instagrammers add to every post.

Search #instagramhub and you’ll see a mix of selfies (which have some other hashtags like #me), inspirational quotes, travel photos, art, and animals.

What does #jj mean on Instagram?

Here’s another hashtag building a community, this time around photographer Josh Johnson (jjcommunity). #jj is just one in a long list of similar hashtags (eg #jj_forum, #jj_daily) that are used to enter all kinds of contests, and simply become part of this community.

What does #iphonesia mean on Instagram?

#iphonesia has grown exponentially, but there are some misunderstandings about what it really means. Some use it as “iPhone memory loss”, like in the photo you forgot you took. However, for most Instagrammers, it is used to build a social media community in Indonesia. The latter certainly meant gaining credibility because it spawned an account, iphonesia.

What does #dogstagram mean on Instagram?

Search #dogstagram or #dogstagramming to find lots of cute dog pictures. Looking at adorable puppies should give you some time. You don’t need to share yourself if you want to keep your Instagram private: you can just scroll to your heart’s content.

What do #l4l, #likeforlike, #lb, and #like4like mean on Instagram?

There are many variations of these hashtags, and they are all very popular. In short, using it in a post means that you will like someone else’s photo in exchange for them liking one of your photos.

Did 30 people like your photos? You will have to like a photo posted by each of these users as well. It’s boring, but if you’re really in need of likes, this is one way to get them.

A similar hashtag is #f4f, or #follow4follow, which means you will follow anyone who follows you. It is a good way to gain more followers on Instagram.

What does #tfl mean on Instagram?

This has multiple meanings, one of which is the Likes tag, similar to the #l4l variations above. Some of these use #tflers instead.

If you live in the UK, that means transport to London, so you’ll usually see pictures of the Underground. Elsewhere, tfl-branded inspirational quotes refer to Tips For Life.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to each photo, making it one of the most dense hashtag networks available. The copy-and-paste habit of many users helps the disproportionate spread of hashtags on Instagram. However, they are useful for organizing content and keeping track of the latest developments and interests.

Instagram can be a bewildering place, but it has a lot of benefits, including allowing you to keep in touch with friends and family. But all of these hashtags have been handpicked by companies, so expect to filter through a lot of talk before you find social media gold.

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