The Boulet Brothers sign a deal with Shudder ahead of Dragula season 5

Monsters and malice, shivering and creative Paulie Brothers They made the deal! according to diverseAfter the resounding success of their fourth season of The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Find the world’s next super monster On AMC’s horror-focused streaming service, the terrifying couple signed up to expand their franchise. This means that fans can expect even more incredible ghosts and enchanted blood to be given by the contestants, tooth and nail, for the crown of SuperMonster.

hosts Drakmurda And the Swanthula Bullet They made an agreement with AMC and Shudder to expand the horror-inspired drag competition, DragoulaFor a fifth season. With the previous fourth season turning into one of the most-watched Shudder series of 2021, the two oddball legends were sure to reap what they sowed, and the time has come. The new signed deal guarantees not only that fans will receive a fifth season, but also a sub-series “and an additional special set to debut on Shudder within the next twelve months.” The spinoff series is said to be an entire season of brand-new material from the Boulet Brothers based on the reality series Dragula. Filming for the new series has already been completed and is ready to go, with a premiere scheduled sometime this fall.

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The Boulet Brothers promised that the sparkling new deal would exceed fan expectations, saying:

“This is a very exciting time to be a fan of Dragula. This new partnership with Shudder (and the AMC family) provides a great opportunity for us to expand our cinematic universe and embody all the characters, stories and stars that audiences have fallen in love with over the years. We couldn’t be more excited about the content. Which we’re about to launch, and if fans have been shocked and interacted with our content in the past, they’re not really ready for what’s coming next. It’s going to be a wild, fun, and terrifying new journey.”

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Dragoula Frankenstein was the brainchild of nightlife icons in 2016 when they first revived the series on YouTube. Based on a nightclub competition of the same title, the Boulet Brothers took their real-life challenge through the gauntlet of the streaming service, passing through Amazon Prime and Netflix, before eventually making Shudder their main stalker in 2021. With Shudder caters to horror and paranormal buffs at AMC Researchers Dragoula It was an instant success. The treacherous duo even made an appearance at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards in May.

General Manager of Shudder, Craig Englerpaid tribute to the Boulet Brothers, saying, “With Dragula and Resurrection ‘The Boulet Brothers’, the Boulet Brothers have proven to be uniquely talented producers and storytellers, creating innovative and comprehensive programming that breaks genres and attracts a large number of loyal followers. We are excited to be working with them on the series. Their new competitions are coming up, and more to come in 2023.”

Dragoula Eleven highly skilled competitors, called monsters in the show, compete against each other in a match that determines each individual’s ability to showcase their creativity in costumes, special effects makeup and ability to perform. Likes Row Bowl Drag RaceAnd the Dragoula He pulls out all the stops, from quirky subjects to celebrity guest judges, and asks contestants to go the extra mile for a cash prize and the respected title Supermonster. The costumes must be splendid, and the more confusion the better, lest they be condemned to annihilation.

The Shudder series was written, produced and directed by the Bullitt Brothers, as well as co-directed Nathan Noyes. All four seasons Dragoula Available to stream on Shudder AMC now. Check out the trailer for their fourth season ahead of the upcoming fifth season:

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