The cult of the lamb comes under fire to fire a buggy

The Cult of the Lamb is a massive hit with Massive Monster, but the community is struggling to beat its bugs.

The Cult of the Lamb was such a hit with Massive Monster that it even ditched Spider-Man on launch day, but has since come under fire from the community for its buggy release. Some reported an out-of-bounds glitch, others showed the totem disappearing, while some ended up with immortal followers who wouldn’t age.

If you held a sermon or ritual in a temple, for example, you probably only invited six of your flock. This may sound like a design choice, but the gameplay and PC game trailers show more followers in the temple at once. The problem with only six people entering the temple is that missions can be broken because some require you to perform rituals on certain non-playable characters which you can’t do unless they come to the temple when summoned. The best solution now is to marry whoever you want, and force them out.

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Another mistake saw an enemy who had become invisible in a dungeon. The player could not find or harm them and had no way of leaving the dungeon without dying, which means that they stood around AFK for a long time All Their followers died before they returned to the camp.

If Reddit and Twitter have anything to do, and first-hand anecdotal experience, these mistakes aren’t uncommon. Game crashes, screen goes black when entering the next room, infinite hearts, etc – there are so many, that some players are even setting up a “pregnancy cult” until repairs are made.

“The first few hours were pretty cool, but bugs on the Switch hampered my entire experience before getting to the final boss,” Original Books- Science9370. “What we want before any new game content are bug fixes with patches…I’m hanging them before I play on Nightmare difficulty.”

There are extensive rosters put together to try and raise awareness, where main rosters are missions to instant fail, items don’t appear as you type them, enemy spider nests don’t open, followers ignore the loyalty statue, Fervor’s limit stays stuck at four, and so on.

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