The most dangerous video game world to live in

For every relaxing Animal Crossing island, there’s a video game world that’s as terrifying as it is dangerous. In fact, most video game worlds are like this – dangerous, uncertain and a complete nightmare to live in.

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Among the sea of ​​dangerous worlds, there are some particularly deadly universes, in which it would be a miracle to survive and live happily. Count yourself lucky that you are not a citizen of the unforgiving worlds of video games.

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10 Kalos – Pokemon X and Y

The Kalos region may not be the first world that comes to mind when you think of danger, but it deserves a mention nonetheless. Despite the attempts of the Pokemon world to seem family friendly, there is no doubt that living there would be very dangerous.

In a world where every 10-year-old is given a beginner Pokémon that can easily kill dozens of people, it’s a miracle that no humans at all survive. The Kalos region is a particularly dangerous part of the Pokémon world, thanks to the legendary Pokemon Eveltal, which is set to take out all life in Kalos upon its death.

9 Cvstodia – Cvstodia

Cvstodia is the background for Blasphemous, an action platform game that sees you battle with bloody incarnations of medieval religious fundamentalism. Its landscapes are absolutely stunning, which makes it a shame that it is filled with death and misery.

Church-turned-government rules the beautiful desolate landscape with an iron fist, brutally punishing any citizen it deems unfaithful. Unfortunately for anyone who lives in Cvstodia, the eye of the church is inevitable once blasphemy is suspected. The fates of traitors are often worse than death, and too horrific to get here.

8 Paradise Island – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan games is based on the very popular horror manga of the same name. Although the games have not reached a point in the manga where the world is at its most dangerous, their version of Paradise Island still deserves a place on this list.

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The world of Attack on Titan is a bleak one, where they are being overrun by giant man-eating creatures called Titans. The few mortals left frightened behind massive walls designed to keep out the titans. Unfortunately for them, no barrier can hold up forever. The Titans will eventually break through, killing the humans inside to be eaten and digested one by one.

7 Yarnam – Bloodborne

In true FromSoftware fashion, Bloodborne’s Yharnam is a once-great kingdom plunged into a deadly plague. People have turned into monsters, and animals have turned into abominations. The few remaining humans are addicted to drinking sick blood, which is sold to them through a mysterious church with ulterior motives.

Those who die at the hands of a monster or blood addiction are the lucky ones. Humans who stay long enough are in danger of slipping through the veil that covers Yharnam, and seeing the Eldritch’s horror hiding behind the curtain.

6 Subway – Noita

Noita is often described as one of the toughest and most unfair games of the past decade. Most of the game’s difficulty comes from its world, an ever-changing maze of caves where every molecule of sand and every living thing kills you.

Danger lurks in every corner of Noita’s underground, often appearing out of nowhere or for no reason at all. Even the planet itself seems to want you dead, making it a uniquely inhospitable world.

5 Web of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – The Evil Within

STEM Network is the mysterious machine that creates the terrifying creatures and the impossible world of The Evil Inside games. Created from the brain of a criminally insane doctor, STEM is a machine that connects brains together, so they might think as one. This manifests itself in the image of a world conjured up by the ideas of those associated with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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For this network to function, it must have a core and a mind with which all parts of the world are created. Unfortunately for those caught up in STEM, this kernel is the creator of the psychopathic network, Dr. Ruffik. The influence of Ruvik’s devious ideals shapes STEM into an incomprehensible horror with no hope of survival or escape.

4 Isaac’s vault – Bind Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is a game full of strange events and mysterious and mysterious storytelling. What is clear, however, are the enormous dangers that inhabit her world. Isaac’s vault, and the gruesome landscapes below, are representations of the personal hell of a neglected child.

Religious trauma, parental abuse, and suicidal thoughts unfold as Isaac and his alternate characters travel through a world demanding the death of a child. Don’t let the hand-drawn art style fool you – Isaac’s Cellar is a bleak, murderous world with an evil conscience that aims to end any life within him.

3 Earth – eternal torment

Hell comes to Earth in Doom Eternal, in the form of an alien invasion that has left over four billion people dead. Those lucky enough to survive the first month of massacres are forced to hide inside huge fortress cities ruled by a totalitarian regime.

Doom Eternal ends with one leader of the Inferno forces killed, but the invasion continues. How many will die before the Doom Slayer can finish the mission and banish Hell from Earth? Even if the endless hordes of demons were stopped, there wouldn’t be much land left to return to, unless I returned giant seas of lava, rubble, and blood.

2 The Exciting Universe – Iron Lung

Iron Lung is set in an empty dead world. A few years before the start of the game, every planet from the universe instantly disappears, taking every living creature with it. The only humans who have escaped this fate are those in spaceships and space stations.

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This “quiet ecstasy” also had another consequence – the moons throughout the universe became covered with oceans of human blood. In Iron Lung, you play as one of the few remaining humans, tasked with descending into one of these oceans of blood in search of a way to explain the Quiet Rapture. No one who dared venture into a bloody ocean anymore. What answers did they find that decided their fate?

1 Mythical Greece – God of War 3

Mythical Greece was not a safe place to live. Conspiring gods and impossibly large titans fought and plotted among themselves, indifferent to the unspeakable devastation their struggles had brought upon human lives. Being a citizen of Greece in God of War makes tragic death a certainty.

Once Kratos starts climbing Mount Olympus in God of War 3, Greece goes from dangerous to apocalyptic. Each of the Olympic deities die one by one over the course of 24 hours, causing disaster after disaster. In the first minutes, floods worldwide inundated low-lying areas. Soon, the souls of the dead rose from the underworld and the greatest pestilence ever to destroy the world.

Even if you manage to live both of these events, there is one last catastrophe from which you cannot escape – the death of Zeus. With this the world ends. The lights go out, and every human being dies an inevitable death, leaving Kratos alone to think about what he’s done.

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