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When it was released in 2018, Spider-Man from Marvel It immediately became known as one of the best superhero games ever and the new remastered version for PC is also getting great reviews. With a sequel on the way, players can expect more from this new addition to the Spider-Verse.

While the game itself doesn’t take place in the mainstream Earth-616 universe where the comics take place in or within the MCU, it certainly makes reference to a lot of the comics, whether that’s through characters, locations, or lines of dialogue. Finding them is one of the most fun things that you can have while playing.

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The Lockjaw is a giant, remotely mobile dog that is usually associated with humans. And although he does not appear physically in the game, he does appear as a statue.

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In the game, if Spider-Man goes to the financial district, he will find a place in real life, there is the Charging Bull statue. But here, instead of a Charging Bull figurine, it’s a figurine of the lovable dog himself. Interestingly enough, this Easter egg only exists because Insomniac Games couldn’t place the real life figurine due to legal purposes. However, seeing Lockjaw in place is a fun little gesture for the Inhumans despite everything.

daredevil easter eggs

Daredevil – aka Matt Murdock – is one of the most powerful lawyers in the comics. For this reason, it is not surprising that multiple references to the law firm and the character himself appeared in the game.

Daredevil’s law firm, Nelson and Murdock, appears in the game at their location inside Hell’s Kitchen – and across the street from Josie’s Bar, which also happens to be Daredevil’s favorite bar. Fogwell’s Gym, where Daredevil’s father trained, also appears in the game. Finally, Spider-Man himself has Nelson and Murdock’s business card, which resonated even better after Daredevil helped him with his legal troubles at Spider-Man: There’s no room for home.

John Jameson III

Everyone knows that J. Jonah Jameson hates Spider-Man very passionately. What people may not know is that he has an astronaut son, who makes a little cameo in the game.

During the game, John Jameson III tweeted that appear in his social feed, declaring his happiness at being able to hear his father’s podcast while on the space station. Although this look is limited as far as players get, it shows the game’s desire to use small references like this… It also likely opens the door for the character to return in the sequel as his alter ego, Man-Wolf.

secluded campus

As one of the most powerful comic book wizards, Doctor Strange has been a huge help to Spider-Man in No going back home. Although he didn’t appear in the game, his house certainly does.

Sanctum Sanctorum, located legally at 177A Bleeker Street, in Greenwich can be found in the game. Unfortunately, this building only serves as a historical site. Players will not be able to enter it. It’s sad to be unable to see the inside or Doctor Strange himself, but given his strength, his inclusion would take away from the story of Spider-Man and the challenges he must face to save the city.

kingpin cane

The first enemy that Spider-Man eliminates in the game is Kingpin. But his influence in the city and the power vacuum he leaves behind lead to more problems – and another Easter egg.

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During a mission involving one of Kingpin’s lairs, the player takes control of Mary Jane Watson as she does some investigation on her own. During this time when you look at all the art and artifacts of Kingpin, the player can spy on his famous jewel-encrusted story. This deadly wand is one of his special items and he hides various weapons inside.

imp bombs

In the comics, Green Goblin was one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains. Unfortunately, he did not appear in the game, only appeared as his human form, Norman Osborne.

However, the game offers fans the Green Goblin Easter Egg. On a desk at Oscorp headquarters, players can see what appears to be a prototype of the Goblin grenade.

Goblin bombs, as fans know them well, are part of Green Goblin’s arsenal, along with his infamous glider. With the game over the way you do and Osborne still searching for a way to cure his son, these grenades could spark his eventual transformation into the Green Goblin himself.

spider 42

Miles Morales, one of Spider-Man’s greatest allies who eventually became Spider-Man as well, gets bitten by a spider in the game and thus gets spider powers as well. This in itself is an Easter egg.

If players look closely, the spider that bites Miles is numbered 42. This matches the comics, where Miles is also bitten by a spider marked 42. The number itself is also a reference to legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson. This spider bite helps usher in a spin-off starring Mile Morales as Spider-Man, which also helps prepare for the upcoming sequel to the original game.

Symbiote suit

The game’s ending irritates another great Spider-Man villain: Venom. However, an Easter egg appears referring to him much earlier.

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In a conversation with Detective Yuri Watanabe, I asked Spider-Man if he wore a black and white suit. Spider-Man’s paused and hesitant response is all fans need to hear to confirm their suspicions that this was indeed a reference to the symbiote suit that eventually became Venom in the comics. With Venom thrilled at the end of this game, hope for the first true villain to appear in the sequel is high.

Picture and tomb of Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben is often the main driver behind Spider-Man’s transformation into a hero, and is often the man behind one of the saddest Spider-Man quotes of all time. Unfortunately, Uncle Ben is not mentioned in recent Marvel projects like the MCU.

But he appears small in the game in the form of a picture on Aunt May’s desk, apparently helping young Peter Parker make a table. Seeing his smiling face in the photo and realizing the tragedy of his loss makes the endgame even more difficult. You can also find his grave in a cemetery.

Stan Lee

Everyone knows that creator Stan Lee should make the engraving practical everything marvel. It was no surprise to see him in the game.

After meeting Mary Jane at dinner, Peter rushes to respond to the siren. When Mary Jane also got up to leave, Stan Lee, who appeared as a short order chef commented, “I’d love to see you two together again. You’ve always been my favourite.”

Hearing his voice here invokes an even sadder feeling, especially considering that he will die two months after the game’s release.

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