Why is Clubhouse launching private communities called homes

We live in a world where social media makes it easy for strangers to interact with each other. Sometimes this sharing works if people communicate on the same interests. The Clubhouse makes this possible while bridging the physical gap between individuals.

The social audio platform wants to make it easier for like-minded people to connect. That’s why I’ve announced the launch of special communities called Homes, which help you find relevant rooms to join. Keep reading to learn more about homes and why the Clubhouse pivot.

Clubhouse advertises private communities called homes

The club has changed its look. Instead of having a single app with multiple communities, the company has announced plans to launch private communities called homes. The news was announced by Clubhouse creator Paul Davison on Twitter.

The cottages are a detachment from the Clubhouse. They will function similar to the Clubhouse, but will be more intimate, and each home will be designed for a niche audience. Each house will have different rooms that are all part of the broader theme of the house.

Clubhouse user subscription and downloads decreased in 2022. According to twistingMonthly downloads of the app are down 86% compared to 2020. In fact, the app has struggled in the wake of the shutdowns as people were able to connect in person again. Homes can be the solution to keep users engaged and attract more users.

Why is Clubhouse launching homes

When the Clubhouse was created, it was meant to have groups of friends – smaller communities where friends of friends could communicate via voice. That’s why it was an invite-only app. Think Facebook, but for friends and mutual friends, and in audio format instead of photos and videos. However, just like Facebook, word about the new app spread at the time, and it took off.

In the end, the Clubhouse allowed anyone to join without an invitation. But growth means the app is no longer what it was meant to be – a platform for small communities of friends. That’s why the club’s founders created the concept of homes. They wanted to provide a more personalized version of the Clubhouse app as we know it, tailored to specific communities.

This increases the likelihood of finding rooms that suit you based on your interests. For example, when I opened the Clubhouse app in the past, it was common to scroll through Rooms about financial beauty, music, and social issues all in one sitting. This made it a bit difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The Clubhouse added a global search feature in September 2021, which made finding fun rooms a little easier. However, the app still shows you unrelated rooms. With homes, all of your options would be relevant because you were going to join a particular home based on its prestige. House Rooms will be private to prevent what happened with the Clubhouse from ever happening again.

What does home launch mean for users

If you are a fan of Clubhouse and still find value in it, you can continue to use it as before. You can scan the lobby to find interesting rooms to join as usual. However, if you want a more intimate place, you will have to join in a home that appeals to you. Alternatively, you can start one of your own and invite others to join.

Although the rooms of the house are private, member lists will be public, so note this before you join. Homes are in beta, but you can register to start a home by filling out a profile Google Form. The club will gradually accept applications as it continues to develop homes. There is no information on when it will be available to everyone.

The club has become more important

If you are disappointed with the rooms available to join the Clubhouse, that may change. You can take matters into your own hands by creating your own home and inviting people to join it.

Or your Clubhouse friends might add you to a house they know you’ll love based on the rooms you’ve been a part of in the past. Either way, homes are a chance for you to enjoy the social sound again.

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