Christopher Walken’s Best TV Shows, Ranked According to IMDb

When this year’s Emmy nominations rolled out in July, fans of the Apple TV + series were كان to cut He would have been delighted to have Christopher Walken nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category. Although the Oscar-winning veteran actor has a short role in the series, he possesses his scenes with his timeless charm and screen presence.

Although he may be more famous for his film roles, Walken also has a noteworthy television career. In fact, other than to cutHe also leads a squad outlawsUK crime comedy series. Other than these last two shows, his other TV credits include various TV movies and guest appearances in cult favorites like kojak And the Hawaii Five-O.

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10 Revenge (1999) – 6.1

From Michael Douglas to Al Pacino, many veteran actors acted on HBO originals in the later years of their careers. But he was no exception as he starred in the 1999 HBO movie revenge, A story about police brutality, mafia and corruption in the late 19th century.

Based on a true story, revenge It deals with the turbulent relationship between the American police force and Italian-American immigrants, which leads to much bloodshed and the shocking mob killing of eleven such immigrants. Walken plays attorney James D. Houston, who is allegedly one of the rioters. Given the historical context, the role brings out the dramatic intensity of Walkin that is reminiscent of previous emotionally difficult characters like Nick V deer hunter.

9 Julius Caesar (2002) – 6.6

For years, the rise and fall of Julius Caesar has proven to be an interesting topic to explore in historical dramas, such as the Emmy Award-nominated mini-series.

dramatizes the life of the emperor emeritus from his early conquests until his eventual assassination, Julius Caesar Serves as a perfect look for both history buffs and hobbyists. Caesar’s struggles on the battlefield as well as the political Senate are shown by the figure of Walken Cato the Younger, a constant opponent in both cases. With the character evoking themes of manipulation and political conflict, Walken holds a certain antagonistic charm that makes his character a malevolent rather than overtly evil.

8 Kojak (1973-1975) – 7.1

Starring Telly Savalas in the honorary role, kojak He deals with the daily misfortunes of an eccentric detective. His moralistic attitude, bald appearance, and penchant for lollipops made Kojak stand out from other famous TV detectives of the time.

Not many will know but even the pre-fame Christopher Walken made a brief appearance in the episode “Kiss It All Goodbye” which was also directed by Savalas. Walken plays a thief named Ben Wiley, who looks as young as ever and combs his hair in an “emo-like” manner. Given the short screen time, the role doesn’t really stand out much of its dramatic prowess, but it’s still an unforgettable throwback to fans of the actor.

7 Skylark (1993) – 7.2

Patricia MacLachlan’s novels focused on the romance between a mail-order bride and a widowed farmer, and spawned a trilogy of Hallmark Hall of Fame films. The second installment in this trilogy. Skylark Christopher Walken reunites with Glenn Close as their characters explore their marriage through troubled times.

Walken’s Jacob struggles with a drought destroying his farm, while Claus’s Sarah faces a dilemma over whether or not to move the family elsewhere. For Walken fans who would like to see him in an emotional but feeling happy TV movie, Skylark That would make for a perfect watch. The actor seems to share an easy chemistry with co-star Glenn Close, which is a break from the usually slick R-movies he used to star in in the ’80s and ’90s.

6 Sarah, plain and tall (1991) – 7.3

Sarah, plain and tall Stars Glenn Close and Christopher Walken, two desperate heroes who find love on a small farm. What follows is some wholesome family entertainment that is typical of a Hallmark movie.

Although Walken was already a well-established actor in the best films of the ’90s, these films added even more to the versatility of his work. with Sarah, normal, and tall Walken produced his own trilogy, establishing himself even in the world of TV movies. He goes on to write an essay on the role of Jacob Cutting, a farmer who is initially tough on the outside but eventually shows his softer side to his newly married wife.

5 Hawaii Five O (1968-1980) – 7.4

Fans of action dramas will obviously know Hawaii Five-O, But die-hard fans would also have been immersed in the CBS original that ran between the 1960s and 1980s. Following each episode’s “State of the Day” routine, the show dealt with the affairs of a secret police task force in Hawaii under the command of former Navy SEAL turned Special State Police officer Steve McGarrett.

In one of the episodes of the second season, entitled “Run, Johnny, Run” 25-year-old Christopher Walken can be seen. Walken plays a Marine who is suspected of murder. But as the episode progresses, it appears that Walken’s character has more secrets to hide. Despite only appearing in one episode, he has limited scenes with some emotional monologues at the end of the episode, where he explains his motives behind the crime.

4 Outlaws (2021-) – 7.7

Created and starring British comedian Stephen Merchant, outlaws He deals with a group of seven blows from strangers, who are engaged in community service because of the petty crimes they have committed. But when they accidentally get the smuggled money, the risks of being outlaws increase.

Merging social satire and black comedy, the show capitalizes on its humorous ensemble with Christopher Walken flaunting his comedic chops. He plays an American crook trying to live a normal life in Britain with his estranged family. But while he gets involved in criminal plots, Walken gets involved in some hilarious statements and outbursts. It’s worth noting how Walken was taking on different roles even at this age. While to cut And the outlaws Both aired around the same time, and Ken is versatile enough to balance the dramatic and comedic undertones of each.

3 Saturday Night Live (1975-) – 8.0

As creative as her comedies and cold openings are, Saturday Night Live It is also known for its monologues by guest hosts. When it comes to Walken projects with SNLhe is one SNL Most popular hosts.

Serving as a host seven times from 1990 to 2008, Walken touched on social notes and some great humor. As is common for show hosts, he has also appeared in several skits of episodes he has hosted. This included that he played some silly, amusing characters like Colonel Angus and “Ladies’ Man” in the parody Continental. For those who think Walken can’t tickle the audience’s funny bone, they should overeat SNL Dramas because they show some of his funniest moments.

2 Naked City (1958-1963) – 8.3

Police Procedural Drama naked city An anthology curation follows in telling the curious and amusing stories of the titular city. While the show stands the test of time in its own right, it can also be watched by movie fans eager to feature some of the famous actors of their younger years.

After appearing in two episodes, Christopher Walken joined the unions of several actors who were relatively unknown at the time. These include Bruce Dern, William Shatner, James Caan, and many others. Very similar to his role in kojakWalken embodies a youthful passion in his short role, which will only be explored in more of the more iconic roles of his career.

1 Chapter (2022-) – 8.7

One of the latest TV shows currently, to cut It is a sci-fi psychodrama that deals with the dystopian concept of people who come up with a technology that allows them to separate their personal lives from themselves in their workplace. But as they are reduced to a complex social experiment, chaos occurs.

With an out-of-the-box concept and some silly humor thrown into the mix, to cut Seems to be the perfect show for Christopher Walken to showcase his acting prowess. As he develops some unexpected feelings for a co-worker (played by the same brilliance as Walken’s off-screen friend Jon Turturro), Walken’s Bert Goodman delivers some of his most informative moments in to cut. It always pays to have a seasoned veteran on new shows and prove it. It is used to a limited capacity, but he makes perfect use of each scene to evoke his character’s naivety and positive nature.

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