How to build a Tyranitar in Pokemon Unite

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pokemon unite It continues to update and expand the playable list, each possessing a unique set of in-game abilities and mechanics. This remains true with the latest addition to this title, Tyrant. This pseudo-legendary pokemon generation 2 comes in the game as a everythingProvides a balanced gaming experience.

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This dual-genre Pokemon Dark-Rock has the potential to inflict massive damage on opponents, but it requires you to get up close and personal with the enemy due to its opponents. melee attack style. Although Tyranitar comes in Pokemon Unite as a EnergyKnowing the “ins and outs” of this fan-favorite Pokemon is essential to maximizing its capabilities.

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When to choose Tyranitar

Although this Pokemon is very powerful, there are several things to consider when deciding to play as Tyranitar. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, this pokemon has a melee attack style; Which means you should be comfortable getting it Close to an opponent when trying to cause damage. However, Tyranitar has powerful AoE attacks, allowing you to inflict devastating damage to many opposing players at the same time.

Tyranitar hits a massive spike in power when it reaches its limit Final evolutionbut that doesn’t happen until you reach ninth level. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a file central aisle When you play such a pokemon. This will allow you to get XP at a stable, relatively indisputable rate. In addition, the previous developments, Larvitar and Pupitar, are Much weaker than its final form; It often proves difficult when engaging in combat.

With these factors in mind, the central path proves to be the optimal choice. Efficiently beat the wild pokemon in this part of the map, do your best Reach the ninth level as quickly as possible. Once you’re done, make sure you are Gather with your team When thematic Pokemon (Rotom, Drednaw, Zapdos) or in larger team battles appear; Use your power to eliminate the opponent and advance your team to victory.

Tyranitar: Strength Building Hack

This build takes advantage of Tyranitar punching force ability, allowing some attacks to cause damage it Ignore the opponent’s defense and shield effects. The power of Tyranitar is maximized when choosing this style of play; It gives you the tools to destroy and execute many opposing Pokemon.

Choose ancient power Here, a movement that allows the user to quickly charge the enemy and then deal damage in a large area of ​​impact. Not only will this leave the opposing Pokemon unable to act when under this attack, but it also increases Tyranitar’s puncture power. pair this with dark pulse, allowing you to inflict more damage and stun enemies. If this is done after the successful use of the ancient power, your ability to deal damage will be extended while ignoring defense and armor.

when choosing retained items For this version, it is recommended to use items that improve Tyranitar’s chances of getting hit and damaged. Use items like Scope lens And the razor claw For this purpose, combine your critical damage and the ability of your punch power to quickly destroy any opposing Pokemon on your way. for your battle element, X attack prove its efficacy. This item is used before an enemy clash, and enhances the nature of the power of this pokemon.

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Tyranitar: Build a sand tomb

This build is centered around the movement and ability of the Sand Tomb obstruct opposition. Although this build may not have the same damage as its predecessor, its blocking abilities make up for this deficiency.

Uses sand tomb To jump on enemies, and damage them while also trapping them in a big sandstorm. This will slowly cause damage and reduce their movement speed, making it nearly impossible for the opponent to escape. Follow this with Stone Edgeallowing you to use this attack Up to three times in quick succession. When this combo is successfully executed, you will efficiently deal damage and knock out any enemies that you surround with using the Sand Tomb.

Although this is a significantly different building and gameplay style, retained items such as Scope lens And the razor claw Still recommended. This pairs well with the damage output from Tyranitar’s Unite Move, allowing you to deal massive damage and then execute enemies when their health is low. If you want to improve your overall survivability, you can also use a trapped item like Focus range, allowing you to withstand the opponent in longer team battles. second, X attack It proves to be very effective when playing with this build, allowing you to increase your overall damage when choosing to pounce on an enemy using a sand grave.

Tyranitar: Statistics

level HP attacks defense Sp. attacks Sp. defense
Level 1 3150 150 90 20 70
Level 2 3224 155 96 21 74
3 . level 3313 161 103 23 79
level 4 3420 168 111 25 85
level 5 3809 193 142 32 108
Level 6 3964 203 154 35 117
Level 7 4150 215 169 38 128
Level 8 4373 229 187 42 141
Level 9 5161 279 249 56 187
Level 10 5482 300 274 62 206
Level 11 5868 325 304 69 229
Level 12 6330 355 340 77 256
Level 13 6885 391 384 87 289
Level 14 7551 434 437 99 328
Level 15 8350 485 500 114 375

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