Is now the right time to end the show?

Editor’s note: Below contains spoilers for Westworld Season 4.the end of WestworldSeason 4 finale episode “Que Será, Será” concluded with Dolores (Evan Rachel WoodPresenting a monologue, in which she explains her plans to bring back the original “Westworld” theme park. This new test promises “one final episode,” and will essentially determine if the hosts are able to create a better world of creators. Dolores has endless powers in a digital afterlife called The Sublime. However, she seems comfortable sticking with the same setting that the show keeps coming back to.

Unfortunately, Dolores’ feelings are shared by Westworldactual creators, Lisa Joy And the Jonathan Nolan. While the first season of HBO was a reimagining Michael Crichton Felt like the best sci-fi mystery since then LostAnd the Westworld trapped inside his own ring. The show continued to complicate world-building, but it became difficult to follow what was going on. Humans were turned into hosts, entire scenes were revealed to be delusions, and events occurred at unclear points in the timeline; Watch Westworld It felt like you were analyzing a scattered set of attractions.

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in an interview Given after the broadcast of the final episode of the fourth seasonJoy has stated that the show was always intended to wrap up after five arc seasons. While there are times it may have seemed as though Westworld Things were made up as they went, as of now everything is planned. The stage is set for the fifth and final season to return to the show’s original setting. However, HBO has not yet renewed the series, and this is probably for the best. Even if it’s not intended to serve as the series’ ending, “Que Será, Será” does a great job of wrapping up all of the show’s main character arcs.

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Humanity has turned on itself. after Charlotte Hill (Tessa ThompsonThey unleashed a virus that turned humans into mindless killing machines, the world was set in a disturbing apocalyptic future. Although Frankie (Aurora Perino) And a few other extremists managed to escape the chaos, they are among the few who have resisted the signal of the virus. The probability of them surviving longer is slim; Westworld He had already made up his mind about the human race. Perhaps it would be best if Frankie and her companions sailed to an unknown fate. Frankie was already able to say goodbye to her father, Caleb (Aaron Paul). Speaking of Caleb, his journey has also come to its logical conclusion. Caleb feared nothing more than someone to decide his fate, and this season he’s been trapped in a robotic body at Hill’s behest. The only benefit from his agony was that he got to try to see his daughter grow up. It doesn’t look like Caleb would make it to The Sublime, and he wouldn’t fit into his character’s arc if he did. Caleb needs a human death. Even if we don’t see him on screen, it’s easy to imagine he’s going out to fight.

if Westworld He had an ultimate villain, the man in black himself, William (Ed Harris). William’s consciousness transfers into the host’s body, but the host’s version of William meets a grizzly end during a shootout with Hill in The Forge. It was a satisfying death for one of the most despicable characters in the series, and it only made sense that William would die during a final version of the game. This is the game William always wanted to play; He is not only among the winners.

We’ve also seen some heroic sacrifices from heroes. stubbs (Luke HemsworthHe gives his life to protect Frankie, Bernard.Jeffrey WrightGuides Hale to choose the path of good, and Maeve is able to save the hosts who live in The Sublime, including her daughter. We even got a short jot featuring fan character Akecheta.Zan McClarnon), who now heads as one of the leaders within The Sublime. Seeing new or different versions of these heroes would be cheap; They served their purpose, and their actions will have lasting effects.

The only remaining thread hanging is what Dolores is hiding with her new “test”. Dolores chose the side of good. The remains of White, Hill, and their other evil characters have faded away, and they have truly transcended what Ford (Sir Anthony Hopkins) ever imagined. It is a creation that became a creator. This is a disease in itself. Perhaps the question of whether it would have worked is even more powerful if left to our interpretation. We are just human after all. It is no longer our story.

The best parts of “Que Será, Será” (and arguably, the season in general) were the scenes between Dolores and her lifelong love interest, Teddy Flood (James Marsden). Even if it was just a figment of her illusion, Teddy got back to Dolores when she needed him most. Westworld She doesn’t always get her emotional scenes right, but the moments when Teddy and Dolores refer to each other as “cornerstones” really move. Dolores promises to find Teddy in The Sublime, which he got into at the end of season two. Given the devotion of both characters to each other, there doesn’t seem to be any doubt. Dolores’ promise to Teddy was strong. Confirming her fate would dampen the idea that these two would never stop looking for each other.

Dolores says her new world will be one based on her memories. She was left to create a reality based on all her experiences, turning her life into a story. These are stories we’ve already seen, very familiar faces. Even if Nolan and Joey have something very ambitious in store for their proposed fifth season, Westworld In an episode it seems to have come to its logical conclusion.

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