Patriots Kendrick Bourne in hot water after two tough days


Kendrick Burne

What’s going on with Kendrick Bourne?

This is a wide, fun and spirited New England Patriots receiver who had a career season in 2021 and was expected to play a bigger role for the team in 2022.

Unfortunately, he appears to be struggling in training and making some decisions that have resulted in him getting kicked out of a training camp session and demoted on Wednesday.

Kendrick Bourne was kicked out of training on Tuesday

The Patriots and the Panthers had two hot days of joint training this week. The two teams quarreled several times, with one brawl breaking out in the crowd. Bourne was involved in one of the smaller skirmishes before the biggest brawl on Tuesday.

His involvement in that dust resulted in him being fired with teammate Christian Wilkerson. The two are seen here walking off the field together after being tossed.

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To make matters worse for Bourne, before he got involved in junk, he was Request to leave the field by the officeWho was engaged in joint practice for an unknown reason. The move infuriated Bill Belichick, who berated Bourne for the delay.

It looks like something was off about Bourne and may have affected his performance and aptitude.

Kendrick Bourne landed to work with the Reserves on Wednesday

Wednesday, Providence Journal Mark Daniels It is believed that Belichick was sending a message to Bourne. The recipient was allowed to return to practice, but was transferred to work with the reserves instead of the first unit.

As Daniels points out, this does not seem to be a coincidence. Could Bourne be a bit comfortable after a 2021 season that saw him record career highs in yards and receptions?

Could he become frustrated with the well-documented struggles of the offense? Perhaps the answer is a bit of both. Anyway, the message seemed clear from Belichick: Get it together, or we’ll play with someone in your place who is more with the show.

The WR Patriots room is a hit

Wilkerson, who has been a major focal point of the drama between the Patriots and Fanthers this week, sustained a head injury after being hit by Carolina’s Kenny Robinson. Despite the WR Patriots being injured, Robinson stood above Wilkerson in a ridiculous position, much to the chagrin of boss Matt Rowley and several members of the Patriots roster.

Many, including Rhule, admitted that this behavior played a role in the escalation of the quarrel.

To make matters worse, Wilkerson suffered a concussion due to the injury, in Jeff Howe from Athletic. We don’t know how long Wilkerson will be out, but it’s a blow to the process ahead of the Patriots’ start.

Wilkerson had a solid shot at making the 53-man roster after leading the team in receptions and arenas against the New York Giants in the season opener. New England will now see DeVante Parker, Jakobi Meyers, Bourne and Rookie Tyquan Thornton watching the most futuristic of the action with Tre Nixon and Nelson Agholor.

Agulor benefits most from Wilkerson’s absence. Wilkerson had the chance to make Agolor expendable after the difficult 2021 year for the latter. Now with Wilkerson postponing recovery from a head injury, Agulor appears to be looking more than a lock to make the team.


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