Trammell Tillman on his first comedy experience

Trammel Tillmanwho plays the interesting role of Seth Milchick in the hit Apple TV + series to cutSix months ago, he wasn’t as prominent as he is now. Lumon Industries’ cut-floor supervisor in the psychological thriller is his biggest role yet, and one that will surely set him on another path to stardom. Fans responded very well to his work, which is a testament to his great performance.

Tillman talked about his newfound fame in a recent interview The Hollywood Reporter. Here’s what he said about it:

“The show stopped in February of this year… and no one knew who I was in January. I went to Comic Con for the first time [in July]And my whole body was on a block – my face was all over. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked for a picture. And the next thing you know, the crowd has just grown, and a lot of people know who I am.”

Tillman undoubtedly has one of the richest roles in the series, which says something like every character in it to cut Very precise and multi-layered. Milchick is the superintendent of Lumon’s cut-land and the right-hand man for Patricia ArquetteHarmony Kobel. His character is equally frightening and hilarious, torturing the cut workers one moment to dance to “jazz defiant” with them in another. For an actor who mostly stuck to Broadway and had small roles on shows like hunters And the Godfather of HarlemThis role had to be deserved, and it would come a long time ago.

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The actor had additional time to prepare for the role, due to production being halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. His preparation and idea for the role was very layered, with the actor describing it as:

“Fitness was really important to me. This guy was very stamina and in control, so I did a lot of breathing exercises. I spent many hours meditating. I would wake up two hours before I was picked up to go get ready, and I would meditate and do little physical exercises to really find the center of the magic.” I wanted to create Milchick as a duck on the water, if you will: very quiet, but there’s always something going on below. I always had a picture of ice when I got into his shoes. Icebergs are so beautiful, you always think you have an idea of ​​what they are, but There’s a lot more down there, and I felt like that’s a great analogy for Melchic.”

Tillman’s analogies to a duck on water and icebergs speak very well of his personality, but also speak to a series to cut As a whole. The duality of Lumon and the outside world lends much to fan theories and ideas, whose creator Dan Erickson and directors Ben Stiller And the Ove McArdle Only likely to know the answers to. to cut also the stars Adam ScottAnd the Britt LorAnd the Zack CherryAnd the John TurturroAnd the Christopher WalkenAnd the Dishun LachmanAnd the Michael ChernosAnd the Jane Tolock.

to cut It follows Mark (Scott), a Lumon employee who undergoes “dismissal,” separating his work life from his personal life. The series follows Mark’s struggles to deal with both his life, as well as serving as a leader for his co-workers on the cleared land. all episodes to cutIts first season is currently available on Apple TV+, with season two just around the corner.

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