How to remove audio from video in VLC Media Player

VLC is an excellent media player due to its diverse set of features. It plays almost any video file format you can think of, helps you boost volume to more than 100%, and can remove audio from videos.

Although VLC is primarily a media player, not a video editor, you can use VLC’s built-in converter to remove the video’s audio codec. Results? Video without sound.

Let’s show you how to remove audio from video using VLC on Mac or PC.

How to remove audio from video in VLC

Start by playing VLC on your computer. Don’t play the video, though.

Click Modes > Convert / Save.

Doing so will launch a file Open media Window. Click on Add button to the right of the window.

Find and select your video. You will now see the video included in a file file selection Section.

Next, tap Convert / Save. Doing so will take you to turns up Window. Leave everything as is, you don’t need to change any settings here.

Click on wrench – The first icon next to the video profile dropdown menu.

You will now see a file Profile Edition Window. Switch to a file Audio Codec Tab and uncheck the box next to My voice On the top. This tells VLC to exclude audio when it converts your chosen file.

You will also need to name the file. Enter the name in Personal Name field at the top. When done, tap Create button.

You will now return to the file turns up Window. Select a destination for the output file from the bottom of the window by clicking on it browse. Once you have chosen a location for the converted file, click beginning button.

Go to the output file destination after VLC completes the conversion. Play the video file, it should not contain audio.

Can you add the sound again after removing it?

Unfortunately, you cannot restore the audio on the output file once it has been removed. This is why it is important not to delete the original file after conversion. If you change your mind and want to keep the video, you’ll need the original file. If you have already deleted the file, there is still hope; Check how to recover deleted files on Windows 11.

If you’re going to keep the sound, here’s how to boost the bass in VLC.

Get rid of audio with VLC

We hope that you will be able to remove audio from VLC within minutes using this method. VLC has a lot of similar tricks that you may not have heard of.

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