3-Team Trade Proposal Land Lakers Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry


Los Angeles Lakers manager Rob Pelinka.

Now that LeBron James has signed a contract extension, the Los Angeles Lakers can focus on trying to figure out how to win now. The roster isn’t good enough to compete in the Western Conference at the moment, but that could change. The two obvious teams the Lakers have been linked with in recent weeks are the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers.

LA wants Kyrie Irving but can accept Miles Turner and Buddy Heald from the Pacers if the Nets aren’t willing to deal. As time goes on, it seems unlikely that Brooklyn will trade the star guard. However, Kevin Durant was adamant about seeking a trade. If it is traded, Irving’s chances of getting a trade increase.

Regardless, the Lakers will have to steer clear of those the Nets love if they are to listen. Brooklyn may still try to win even if Durant loses. In this scenario, the Lakers’ first-round picks in 2027 and 2029 are not attractive. This is where the Pacers can come in. SiriusXM’s Rick Kamala made a deal that sees the Lakers get Irving and Seth Curry, the Nets get Hield, Turner and Kendrick Nunn and the Pacers get Russell Westbrook and two Lakers in the first round.

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Why can this trade make sense

If the Nets can’t get a better deal for Irving and he doesn’t think he’ll be back after the season, this could be one of the best offers they receive. Turner would give them the volume they were lacking while Hield replaces the shooting they would lose from Carrie. Nunn comes off a disappointing year but still has an uptrend. It’s not a great return but the teams are not ready to trade with Irving.

For the Pacers, they get two big contracts while also getting draft picks. Nobody wants Westbrook but they can buy. If not, his $47 million will be off the books after the season, which is what attracts the rebuilding team. For the Lakers, they get the player they want in Irving and an elite shooter in Curry. This trade works for all three teams.

Lakers become more flexible

Previously, the Lakers were not willing to trade each of their first-round picks in any package but that is no longer the case. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the team is now ready to sell the farm to Irving.

“The Lakers remain active in commercial talks about the league,” Vojnarowski said at Sports Center. “Rob Pelinka has been in use — listen, they have two real assets to put there to do an important deal. These are their first-round picks from 27th and 2029, if not protected they have a lot of value in the market. I was told the Lakers would be willing to do that in a deal. Kyrie Irving but that’s not something the Nets were interested in.”

However, the same cannot be said for the potential Pacers deal.

“Another deal…The Lakers had some on-and-off talks again with Indiana, Miles Turner, Buddy Heald. They weren’t willing to give up two future lines in that deal. Russell Westbrook would be in any of those deals.”

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