Chrisshell Stause calls the magazines because she makes her sound unsuccessful


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A former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant has responded to posts that made it seem like she’s no good at her job.

Chrisshell Stause was a competitor at 29The tenth DWTS season together with professional partner Gleb Savchenko. The TV star is best known for her acting roles in the TV series “All My Children” and “Days of Our Lives”, and for her spending on the reality show “Sell Sunset.” for every IMDb.

Stause is a successful real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group’s brokerage that has appeared on Netflix, but the latest title made it seem like she’s not doing her job.

Here’s what you need to know:

Chrisshell Stause criticized publications that indicated she has only sold 7 homes in her career

Chrisshell Stause and Mary Fitzgerald on Sale Sunset Season 3

NetflixChrisshell Stause and Mary Fitzgerald on Sale Sunset Season 3

In a post on Her Instagram story On August 16, Stuss expressed her frustration over a recent headline about her.

“I’m here waiting to continue working and I’m looking at the internet and you are all suspicious,” she said in a video clip posted on her social media account. I’ve been asked how much real estate I’ve sold this year so far. I’ve admitted that I’ve become a bit sluggish because I enjoyed a bit of a break. I said that as of June, I think I’ve sold about seven homes. this year. And now the headline is “Krichel admits she has sold only 7 homes in real estate.”

this year. A**holes,” Stoeze added.

“Other posts turn my interview into a clickbait!” I wrote.

Twisted interview posted by W . magazine. In a Q&A with Mag, the “Sunset Sale” star said, “As of June, I think I’ve done seven deals so far in real estate. [this year]. It’s not a lot of bargains. Obviously I could do a lot more if that was my only focus, but it isn’t. I’m only trying to fill jobs that I’m going to shoot on the show, or involve people I’ve worked with in the past.

Stause also revealed that she was excited to spend more time on her acting career and added, “I’ll never be good at nine to five, anyway.”

But some of the publications People Magazinesums up the interview with headlines that claimed, “Chrishell Stause Says 7 Homes.”

“This year. I know what I tried to do here people,” Stause chirp.

Pause also asked E! News to edit the originally ridiculed headline, “You might be surprised how many homes Chrishell Stause has actually sold.”

Chrisel Stose thanked the Magi for correcting the error and explaining why it was so important to her

Chrisel Stose

GTChrisel Stose.

After she called out the misleading headline, Stause gave fans an update to her Instagram story.

“They are editing it to my full answer so it won’t be misinterpreted again,” she wrote. “Until then, thankful for reminding me that I have a commission check waiting for me in the office.”

“Context matters,” she added. Thanks to everyone who corrected the story and the title.

Stuz, who made it clear that she doesn’t publish all of her real estate listings online because some of her clients are private, later posted an updated video to explain why she even handles a clickbait header.

“Because it’s important that they change it if it’s not right,” she said. “And because that’s my business. And I’m sure if you put a lot of time and effort into your work, it would matter too. So I don’t really care if people make fun of something superficial around me. But my work, I’m going to make it right.”

In her 2022 memoir, “Under construction,” Stose revealed that she got her real estate license in 2016 and hinted that her first deal was for her ex-husband, actor Justin Hartley.

“It took me over a year to close my first deal, and that deal actually represented my then-fiancé buying his home,” she wrote. “My first sale was a nice house in the Valley in Los Angeles. It was just over a million dollars, which is a very small amount by “sunset sale” standards, but it was a big deal for me.”

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