Malta Film Commissioner on Jurassic World Dominion and Napoleon

One of the many ways Hollywood charms viewers is by transporting audiences to another time and place. And while the interior of a home, office, or even an underwater cave can be created on a Los Angeles sound stage, one of the ways the products achieve the magic of a movie is by shooting on location in exotic locations. Not only do you save money because you can use my business site, but many countries also offer tax rebates.

One of these countries that has a strong tax deduction and great business locations is Malta.

Recently, I traveled to Malta with a number of other reporters, as this is where Universal set up the unofficial home video for Jurassic World Dominion Extended Edition. Universal chose Malta because it’s not only one of the locations in the movie – they filmed a massive chase series through narrow streets – but it’s also a beautiful city full of delicious food and great views.

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Additionally, while Malta is Malta in Jurassic World Dominionthe country has been countless locations for a number of products including the gladiatorAnd the Game of thronesAnd the TroyAnd the BobAnd the world war zAnd the MunichAnd the Murder on the Orient ExpressAnd the Doctrine killerAnd the EstablishmentAnd the Midnight ExpressAnd the Captain Phillips.

Shortly after arriving in the country, I spoke with Johann GretschHe is the Malta Film Commissioner and CEO of Malta Film Studios. We talked about why productions should be filmed in Malta, what the country offers in terms of tax rebates and crews, how they spend €35m creating new soundtracks, and what it means for Malta to be Malta in Jurassic World Dominionand what he does to try to get more products to shoot there. In addition, he talks about Ridley ScottNext Napoleon movie with Joaquin Phoenixwhich just shot a big hit series in the country.

Watch our conversation above, and here’s exactly what we talked about.

Johann Gretsch

  • What is he doing as Malta’s Film Commissioner to try to get more film and TV revenue?
  • How they increased the cash discount from 25% to 40%.
  • Grech talks about Malta’s crews, its huge outdoor water tanks, and how the country can multiply in so many places.
  • How they spend 35 million euros to build new sound systems.
  • What does it mean to him and the country that Malta is Malta? Jurassic World Dominion?
  • What was it like Ridley Scott shooting some of his Napoleon A movie with Joaquin Phoenix in Malta?
  • Have they considered building any life-size dinosaurs to place around town on some filming location?

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