Penny’s 10 Dumbest Decisions, According to Reddit

After 12 successful seasons playing Penny The Big Bang TheoryKaley Cuoco jumped right into other productions when the show ended in 2019. From her appearance on the man from toronto To award winning moments with hostessCoco was busy. Recently, it was announced that she has a new thriller called Based on a true story.

Cuoco’s acting ability led her to quickly nail different characters. Benny, for example, wasn’t the most intelligent character TBBT, But she had smart moments that outdid her adorable friends. As one of the younger and inexperienced characters, Penny made some stupid or naive decisions that didn’t sit well with the Reddit community. Whether it was the way she handled Leonard or her manipulation of the group, Penny made some pretty silly decisions.

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10 Penny’s behavior on Valentine’s Day was terrible

Penny and Leonard had moments of marital goals but had so many small issues in their relationship that the good parts were outweighed by their differences. On Valentine’s Day, Leonard and Howard take Penny and Bernadette on a romantic date, but that dinner is squandered when Penny sees an ex-boyfriend getting engaged in front of her.

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Axiaville He told Reddit how much they bothered about Penny’s character. “Penny really bears the fact that she’s so good looking over Leonard’s head.” But her stupidest decision was her behavior during dinner. Instead of focusing on the new relationship she was in, she was upset that her ex-husband proposed to someone who wasn’t her.

9 You manipulated men to get what you want (lead them all the way)

While some saw Penny’s manipulative tactics as clever and cunning, the majority of Reddit found them troubling. Penny made a lot of changes from seasons 1 through 12, and her treatment of Sheldon and Leonard, fortunately, was one of them.

Vietnam I hated the “mind games” that Penny was playing with the guys in the early seasons. One example Redditor gave was the service Penny requested in the pilot. They wrote, “From the beginning, I asked Leonard and Sheldon, two SHE JUST MET people, to do her a huge favor and get her TV back from her ex-boyfriend. Who does that?”

8 Penny spends money on trivial things

Penny wasn’t always a mischievous person, but some of her stories didn’t always make sense. For starters, she wasn’t the richest member of the group for a long time, but she lived alone in a spacious Pasadena apartment – an apartment that was easily put up with two scientists who worked at Caltech.

Penny complained about the money often but always found enough to go shopping or have drinks with Amy and Bernadette. Muhammad Ali Hassan 777 She found her spending dim. “She made some poor financial choices like buying fancy shoes that drained her bank account and kept her place stocked with the wine of which she would often drink because she was always guaranteed a free dinner with the men,” the Redditor wrote.

7 She shouldn’t have spent the night with Raj

Penny and Leonard were lucky to have each other at the end, but hit some speed bumps before settling down. When Leonard dated Priya, Penny realized that she should never have broken up with him and spent a drunken night with Raj.

It was later revealed that Penny and Raj didn’t grow up together, but Penny doesn’t remember much about the night. Some Redditors support Penny’s right to sleep with whoever she wants as a single woman. Others thought it was a stupid decision that she almost slept with best friend Leonard. “Although it was clearly a wrong and dangerous move on her part, she did not owe anyone an explanation – certainly not Leonard and certainly not Brea,” Green_Lantern_94’s Thoughts.

6 Penny shouldn’t have ignored the check engine light.

Muhammad Ali Hassan 777 He didn’t like Benny’s character TBBT For several reasons. One of the decisions Penny constantly made that bothered them was the number of times she ignored the “check engine” light on her car.

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“She’s consistently ignored the ‘check engine’ light on her car for a decade and cried when her car died as it should have lasted another decade,” the Redditor wrote. What made Sheldon and Penny’s friendship one of the best was that Sheldon warned Penny about the dangers of not having her car checked, but she ignored those warnings until there was no rescue, which was a nice decision on her part.

5 She should not have children

Penny was a fun, loving mom if she wanted to go that route, but long before season 12, Penny mentioned that she wasn’t sure if she wanted kids. She loved the life she had with Leonard and didn’t want to complicate it.

It’s rare to find a woman on TV who has no children, let alone none Wants to have children. For this reason, the majority of Reddit praised the writer’s decision to make Penny child-free. But as viewers know, Penny accidentally became pregnant in the series finale. In this case, it wasn’t Penny’s stupid decision, but the book’s decision. Making a “Benny Change of Mind” Target – Signal 126 I feel angry”. They felt “validated” when Penny made the choice to live without children, but that soon all changed for the happy ending of the show.

4 Should Penny stay in college?

Penny made some stupid decisions but she was one of the smartest characters on the show. Unlike Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj, Penny had street intelligence and a social awareness. Despite these traits, Penny did not graduate from college.

After high school, Penny heads into acting. It wasn’t until I started dating Leonard that I took some classes at the local community college. However, nothing came of it. One redditor She wrote, “I think it would be a massive thing if she decided to go back to college, with the gang helping her along the way and finding out miraculously that she was in fact clever at something.”

3 You shouldn’t get me between Leonard and Sheldon and the roommate’s convention

There have been plenty of memes created in honor of Sheldon’s unique character quirks. Although he was not a reliable person, he learned to trust and respect Penny. This gave Penny the courage to stand between Sheldon and Leonard’s arguments from time to time.

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However, some Redditors felt that getting between Sheldon and Leonard was a stupid decision. one fan She wrote that Penny contradicted herself among friends. In Season 7, “Penny helps Leonard defend himself” when the group is shopping for a dining table, despite Sheldon’s distaste for the idea. But in Season 9, “Benny takes Sheldon’s side and says she doesn’t understand why Leonard rejects” Sheldon’s rules. The imbalance between positions of decision-making was called into question.

2 She shouldn’t have given up acting

The only reason Penny moved to Los Angeles was to become an actress. However, she was repeatedly deprived of acting. She eventually realized that she had to move on with her life and get a job in sales.

according to Justice_PrinceThis was a stupid decision on her part. Instead of giving up completely, Penny should have tried to become a “voice actress”. The Redditor wrote, “As a voice actress who can become successful in her chosen profession, yet somehow be close to the rest of the cast.” This way, Penny could make money living her dream.

1 Penny married without Zack’s knowledge

One of Penny’s most questionable dating options was when she dated Zack. She admitted that he wasn’t smart enough for her, but she was drawn to him. After years of separation, she found out that she was legally married to Zack after her marriage in Las Vegas.

Penny always assumed these weddings were fake, and that was one of her stupidest decisions because she had no intention of marrying him at all. Red Kitten 1998 She couldn’t believe Penny had no idea about her marriage and chalked it up to a silly decision on her end. “I’m sure Penny would never have thought the wedding was a fake if they had been legally married because of all the logistics,” they wrote.

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