Defectors have discussions to acquire Colin Sexton


Colin Sexton of the Cavaliers (right) could be a key to the Ben Simmons trade.

After the Dallas Mavericks acquired Christian Wood in Commerce and Occurred JaVale McGee was the starting center, he’s been pretty quiet this summer. Fans will likely be eager to see if the Mavs will get another ball wizard, especially after losing such a massive piece to Jalen Brunson. But this has not yet been the case.

However, it appears that the Mavs’ front desk didn’t try. Cleveland beat reporter Chris Fedor of recently spoken On the Mavs and Cavs discussion of a possible signal and trade for Collin Sexton, the Cavs player in Purgatory this entire summer.

“The Cavs have been in talks with Dallas about branding and trading for Collin Sexton,” Fedor says on the Wine and Gold Talk podcast. “But if you’re talking about tag and trading, the Cavs need something that has their value back. Neither the Jazz nor the Mavericks have the chops that the Cavs want back in a tag and trading for Colin.”

Unfortunately, it appears that the Mavs don’t have the chops at the moment to facilitate pointing and trading for Sexton. The Mavs have draft picks going forward, but they are so rare in terms of players that the Cavs might be interested in signaling and trading.

Mavs had an interest since 2 months ago

This isn’t the first time the Mavs and Sexton have been linked. on me July 3 episode From Fedor’s Wine and Dine podcast, he mentioned that the Mavs were popular as a team that expressed interest in Sexton after losing to Brunson.

“They don’t have a cover space. So it must be a tag and trade that has been resolved with the Cavs. And I’ve been told the Cavs aren’t very much attracted to any of the pieces that Dallas might want to return to them in a possible reference to the trade.”

This sounds a lot like the recent information about Dallas’ interest in Sexton. The Mavs confirm that they are still interested in the young guard but it doesn’t look like anything will happen soon.

Mark Cuban recently spoke with Dallas Morning News He said it was unlikely the team would be planning any further moves before next season.

“Unlikely unless someone gets hurt somewhere that really surprises us? I mean, we want that resilience all season long. You know, I know how the fans feel about it. It’s always, you know, we have to win the summer we have to do that and we have to do that.” …we could have an unsecured contract in this place. But we’ll just see what comes out and play the options and see what happens.”

What Colin Sexton can bring to the MAFS

Although it seems unlikely that the Mavs will be able to win the previous 8th General Pick, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

The Mavs have maintained that interest in Sexton because of the role everyone knows he could fit in with Dallas. As of now, Spencer Dinwiddie is set to be the secondary playmaker behind Luka Doncic, but Bronson’s departure will allow Sexton to thrive in a 2A and 2B role as a playmaker.

Dinwiddy showed in the playoffs last season that he can be productive, but his time in Washington showed that there are instances where he can be inconsistent in stretches simultaneously. The Mavs can’t afford to have their primary ball handler change his name Doncic to struggle too much. Right now, there isn’t anyone who can even be a decent remote ball handler, which is why Sexton is such an interesting option for Dallas.


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