Destiny 2 Season 18 Name and Return Raid Leaked Before Bungie Show

Destiny 2 Season 18 is just around the corner, but details, including information about a classic raid returning to the game, have already been leaked, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to most gamers. season along with details about the upcoming Lightfall expansion. But we already know the name of the upcoming season and the return raid thanks to leaks.

Twitter user, Josh Hunt, has a good track record Leaked accurate information about Destiny 2. According to them, the next season is called “Loot Season” and will revolve around The Fallen. Two new seasonal activities called Hideouts and Expedition were also revealed. As far as the raid was concerned, it would only be the downfall of the king, something most people had already expected. in addition to , Another leak She also revealed something called “Destiny 2 Free Week,” which may come with the 18th season.

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Next season will also present the final rework of the sub-category in the form of Arc 3.0. Bungie has already revealed details, where Hunters will finally get a new Super, and Titans will get a new quarterly ability. The inspiration behind this rework is oddly attributed to Jason Statham’s classic, Crank 2: High Voltage. Furthermore, all seasonal artifact mods have also been revealed, as popular mods like Sundering Glare and Anti-Barrier sniper Gun will return.

The developers of Destiny 2 also promised that the upcoming changes to the sandbox will make the game less “cyclical”. This will also ensure that players will end up using a variety of weapons, and not just stick to the “current metadata”, given the wide range of weapons available in the game. The Destiny x Fortnite crossover has also appeared, albeit not without any major details – hopefully more will be revealed at the upcoming Bungie Show.

The show might also reveal details about the upcoming Destiny mobile game, or we could also get an update on Bungie’s plans for a TV series/movie.

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