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Final Fantasy is one of the longest-running video game series of all time, with over 35 years of games, spin-offs, movies, and more. With so many stories, there is bound to be a lot of characters, some good, some bad, and some that have slipped through the cracks.

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These are the characters that have been underestimated. Whether it’s a subdued party member who has some amazing moves or a complex character who brings more to the story than you realize, Final Fantasy has a lot of it. Of course, with so many characters to choose from, it’s impossible to list them all, but here are some Final Fantasy characters that deserve more love.

Spoilers for many Final Fantasy games to come!

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8 General Liu

A fan favorite, General Liu was an antagonist of Final Fantasy 6, who temporarily joined the party. Known for great stats and as one of the most multi-dimensional characters from the game, he even became the subject of an urban gaming legend who claimed he could join the party permanently after leaving the first time.

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However, as the years went by, General Liu, who is a complex character with a strong sense of honor and chivalry, is forgotten by many, even when he works against the party. This character is a great addition to the party and story, and one could use more appreciation again.

7 Selfie

Selfie from Final Fantasy 8 is a classic Final Fantasy character type, the beautiful girl who is always there to lift the party spirits and be the kind soul they need in stressful situations. Although it’s been done dozens of times before and possibly dozens of times since, there’s always something to like about these types of characters, and Selphie is no exception.

Although she might not get as much praise as some of the series’ more famous female characters, Sylvie has a close friendship with protagonist Squall and proves to be a useful addition to the party.

6 Lightning

Lightning made her debut in Final Fantasy 13 and has appeared in two other films, including her own game, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13. Although fans have found her one of the least inspiring characters in the series, when it comes to character development.

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When we first meet Lightning, she seems closed and stoic. She is a simple character who is motivated to protect her sister and evolves to become more open with others and become more of her own person. Because of this development, she’s definitely making her way into our hearts as another great character who is often overlooked by bad first impressions.

5 Beatrix

Another general who became a temporary member of the party, Final Fantasy 9’s Beatrix proved to be a terrifying opponent and intriguing ally. Despite having delved into the story multiple times, it’s still shocking how strong Beatrix is ​​in both lore and gameplay.

It keeps players on their toes as a terrifying force that lives up to its reputation as a fierce warrior. However, although she looks tough and arrogant, she also shows a softer side that gives her a lot more character and makes her more interesting than just another tough boss to fight.

4 Knight

Knight is an underrated character from Final Fantasy 5. A daring, no-nonsense pirate captain, Knight shows a true character evolution as she transforms from a ruthless pirate into a lovable party member. While not mistaken, her character’s arc doesn’t mean she’s ever lost her edge, and on top of being one of the most memorable characters in the story, she’s also one of the most versatile in play style, thanks to her prevalence in stats.

Although mostly forgotten as the game it came from, Faris is still a great character that fans will really appreciate from another look.

3 bash

One of the most tragic characters in the Final Fantasy series, Bash is a knight known for his guilt and his wisdom. From Final Fantasy 12, Bash is a soldier with an inexhaustible sense of loyalty and has well-written dialogue that sums up the wisdom from the experience he wishes to instill in the other characters. His background is also one of the saddest in the series, being a real criminal makes us feel bad for him.

Unfortunately, Basch is just another victim of being a good character in a game that is too old to be given the proper attention it deserves.

2 galov

Another character from Final Fantasy 5 who has been criminally underestimated is Galov, one of the older party members in the series and a beacon of guidance and advice to the other characters. Galov was a selfless and hopeful warrior who played an important role in the story without overcoming the plot, despite his heavy participation in it.

Although he could have overshadowed the party, some great writing managed to make him a respected figure who was quickly forgotten too soon to our liking.

1 leon

Leon from the classic Final Fantasy 2 is one of the most underrated characters in the series. Known as Emperor’s Dark Knight, he spends most of the game’s time being an antagonist unlike other villains-turned-party in the series who tend to side with the party sooner.

Although Leon’s time with the other characters is short-lived, he has an interesting dynamic with the party that leaves enough impact for him to come down as a great character and an early sign of the great writing of the series.

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